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midget wrestling

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i don't particularly care for the "sport" of wrestling, but i do advocate mdget wrestling. it's a time honored past time, a great stress reliever, and mad funny to watch.

journey with me on a short (ha ha) history (it's illsutrated) of midget wrestling...



Sky Low Low was the father of midget wrestling to millions of midget fans. One of the greatest Midget World Champions of all time, Sky Low Low recently passed away. He was unsurpassed in the ring from the 1940s all the way through to his retirement towards the end of the 60s.



Taking up where Sky Low Low left off, Little Beaver (real name Lionel Giroux) ruled the midget ring from the 1960s right the way through to his retirement (around the time that the American midgets began to disappear) in the late 80s. His match at WrestleMania III was seen in front of a record indoor paying crowd of 93,000+ fans at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, MI (see below). Little Beaver died in 1995.


We could all use a Little Beaver.



The British midget, Lord Littlebrook, was Midget World Champion in the early 1970s. He trained many of the midgets that followed the pioneers in recent years.



There are two very different kinds of midget. The wrestlers we have seen above are merely "short people". Pancho the Bull, as you can see from the photograph, was clearly a sufferer of a genetic disorder that would in the past have been called "dwarfism". I don't know anything at all about Pancho's career... he is merely included to illustrate the different types of midget.



The late Tom Thumb was a hugely popular midget wrestler in Canada during the 70s and 80s. Thumb tragically died in 1988.







if you ever see this little fucker on the street, beat his ass




Here we see the preliminary confrontation between the stripper and the midget.

He is, like most midgets, terrified by her thunderous bosoms and vice-like thighs.



After much pacing and sizing of one another up,

the midget chooses to make the first charge.


micro wrestling


some of the stars of micro wrestling



Name: Little Vito

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 128lbs.

Hometown: Marion, Indiana

Occupation: MWF President / Wrestler / MWO Member

Titles Held: Former MWF Champion

Comments: I have appeared on WWF RAW, Smackdown, and co-hosted WWF Heat with Al Snow. Now I have my own federation, the MWF and everyone wishes they could get a piece of my action... keep wishing PUNKS!



Name: Cheezy

Height: 4'4"

Weight: 121lbs.

Hometown: Louisiana Bayou

Occupation: Wrestler / MWO Member

Titles Held:

Comments: Former WWF wrestler Prince Cheezy. Just because I've lost my royalty doesn't mean you DIRT BAGS have any right to disrespect me!



well, you'll have to visit the site for more because i'm tired of wasting time and being bored...this should spice up the site a little...

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they're weird


all midgets look the same to me except that cheezy wrestler guy he's the only one i've seen that looks kinda normal:crazy:

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Originally posted by Grant_Wood

go ahead, make fun of a medical problem you spoiled bitch.


alright... i love those dudes in wizord of oz, willy wonker's chocolate factory, lord of the rings, the dwarf that did dolly, and the model for the movie hobbit... dwarfs rock

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