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  1. 15- tripping off of stupid shit, like number 14
  2. 14- having a fuckin hardcore street new yorker accent but barely noticing it and hard to fix it.. it sucks cause you know you rbeing treated like a grown up street kid
  3. 13- gaining weight and tripping off of it, then realizing that Im a man tripping off of gaining weight, which is gay, which makes me feel gay
  4. 13- having a big dick, but not getting any pussy
  5. yeah, but honky kids have fathers to slap them straight into reality, most of us blacks dont
  6. 12- the fact that I treat the people I know like shit, and I treat the people I dont know nicely
  7. 10- Race concioussness 11- color concioussness
  8. 9- every young black man I know thinks they can be fuckin rappers
  9. 8- hating so much shit, cause it boils me up inside, namean? I hate getting caught up in life, knowing im gonn die, knowing life is short, blah blah blah UUUGHHHH!!
  10. Re: KILL WHITEY! orale motherfuckin ese?
  11. 7- experience advice, cause advice is just shit that worked out for some person, and everyone is different, so it might fuck with you more than help you.. example: my father once told me : white people, they are bastards, dont be friends with them... shit, almost all my friends now are white boys, plus, blah blah blah blah
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