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Chicas only no posers.

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Yes, I know there are already a million just like this. So here's 1million and 1.


I got a new book and I was gonna glue my old favorites into it but I realized that would be tacky so I scanned them to make stickers to stick in the new book instead. I thought I'd make a post while I'm at it because I want to see what some other chicks have been up to. Quid Pro Quo, ya know! (Actually I was supposed to show some stuff to a couple of people and I'm disgustingly lazy sorry for the delay.)


Any other girlies wanna post some non-graf -sketches -drawings or illustrations please do.


Anyway enough babbling.


um heres one- :D




DAMN! SHE'S SO NEKKIT!:eek::crazy:



Ericka being a little pout!:rolleyes:

(And the first appearance of the "CATRABBIDOG". What in the fuck is it, seriously.)



Snotnose- what can I say I'm always sick. It rains to much.



This got a little ridiculous looking somehow. I use eyes as a logo along with my tag and this is a set I use alot, but the computered distorted it all fuckedly. But you get the general idea.



And this was for an issue of ShortCuts that I started on for Devilush, but have since abandoned it for a better plan.:nut:



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Originally posted by SRGUN GNRAL

and i wanna eat you


should i call the police now or later? :D



anyways back off I have rabies

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Guest TheDictator

i have rabies too so you wouldnt be giving me anything new...

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i can post my stickers later chicka!


why abandon it? give it to me so i can frame it on my wall o fame.:idea:

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that SHORT CUTS logo is mad ill. props 2 you


i thought that the first picture was a naked girl to ( i looked only at her vagina area, ahahahahahah, and i was like dam, that shit looks disgusting)

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Hey devilush when I send that package (after you send me your addy for the 3rd time;) )I'll stick that short cuts logo in with it.


My last post for awhile.

See ya'll from my new apartment....ddoooooooooooooooooooowwwwntooooowwwn!


"...Movin on uuuuuuup...to the eastside...to my deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyy-yyyyyyyy...movin on uuuuu--uup!"

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