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  1. IzzeWST


  2. IzzeWST

    what kinda ride u be rollin in

    Acura RSX http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.cv/izzyone/Public/rsx_2.jpg-link.jpg'> photoshoped out of boredom...
  3. IzzeWST

    Canvas Thread

    nice work everyone... http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Canvases/ize97.jpg'> Ize 1997 Style
  4. IzzeWST

    Canvas Thread

    http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Canvases/ize94.jpg'> "Ize", 94' Madartist: I don't have any of my personal cavases up for sale but if you are truly interested I might be able to do something custom... Or you can get a 19X27 Glossy, UV coated poster for a lot cheaper... http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Canvases/symmetry2001_poster.jpg'>
  5. IzzeWST

    Canvas Thread

    "Izzy", another from 87'...newer ones on the way soon
  6. IzzeWST

    Canvas Thread

    http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Canvases/def87.jpg'> "Def", 1987
  7. IzzeWST

    femmes only

    Nice work Ekos. Keep it up.
  8. IzzeWST

    sketch / finished piece comparisons

    http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/1z3outlinescan.jpg'> http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/graff%20images/1z3.jpg'>
  9. IzzeWST

    sd black books

    http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/Ize%20piece%20final.jpg'> http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/ize%20wst%20final%20small.jpg'> Sarif's where you at?
  10. IzzeWST

    sd black books

    A SD thread without Quasar is not an SD thread... http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/Quasar_izzy%20piece%20book%2087.jpg'> http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/IZWSC1987TAZ.jpg'> http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/izequasarstyle.jpg'>
  11. IzzeWST

    DorkstaR ExtravaganzA

    Dope work, sick thread.
  12. IzzeWST

    Ol' Skool styles (back in tha' dizay!)

    Kinda old school...1987 http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/desypher%20by%20ize.jpg'>
  13. IzzeWST

    my VIRS collection

    Only in my mind...someday I'll get motivated and put it on paper. That is actually a very oversimplified example. I could go on all day about that system... And for the record I did an Izy piece in virs book. I put some tips on letter structure and arrows on zone's bleed page...he asked for some advice and he got it... Also posted in the training bible...from Virs book http://homepage.mac.com/izzyone/.Pictures/Piece%20Book%20Images/ize_inVirsbook.jpg'>
  14. IzzeWST

    Ol' Skool styles (back in tha' dizay!)

  15. IzzeWST

    Photoshop battle

    Not a joke literally. What I'm saying is that-putting myself in Jokers shoes and knowing the way his letters work-I can see a 'joke' piece in the line work of the image as well. Very clearly actually... Look at joker's stuff next to that image and you might understand.