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  1. even the likes of kirby dominant and kemetic suns and medusa and orko and global phlowtations and jizzm are project blowed
  2. first off,ab rude and afterlife are both project blowed, as is aceyalone and all other fellowship members and all cve members and many many more people like 2mex,busdriver,shapeshifters,awol one,xololanxinxo,the list goes and goes.......and goes project blowed is by far the greatest crew theres too many people in it to name
  3. what the funk dank is robomax?
  4. i forgot to mention i was already told to try cheeta chat but when i download cheeta chat it says "unable to read library" and aborts thanks anyways
  5. i have tryed to get yahoo chat a whole shit load of times but every time i download it and get into the chat and login in and what not it says i must download the newest version of "microsft vm" and it gives me a link so when i follow the link it pretty much says that there is no longer microsoft vm to download so after this i try to download microsoft vm and other various "java supports" from kazaa but yet there is no difference it still says i must download this microsoft vm so i was hoping maybe there is someone on here that could help me out a bit also,i have done the what i just explained up there,tons of times over and over
  6. get a picture of project blowed or the CV shack or something to do with project blowed........ and get a picture of some one doing drugs on the street ****


    i had a gang in my city that all wore those bracelets and thats what they were called .........they cut my little brothers head open with a ice pick........seriously
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