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  1. EveryWhere


    both are over 5-6 years old
  2. HAHAHAHA YES "so if your friends ask you to do some graffiting with them, just tell them 'no thanks, i dont like salad.' "
  3. a friend of mine's parents are good friends with dzama and i saw about 6 of his pieces hanging in their home this weekend. he uses rootbeer for the browns in his illustrations. great stuff
  4. holy shit its something from the exorcist
  5. every new character looks like bob nowadays
  6. Ira Sanky: your stuff looks alot like this slyde kids stuff that posts on here im thinking same person but embarrased
  7. at least he didnt say graffing... hey are you a graffer? do you graff? huh huh huh
  8. those NT's look like keramik bites
  9. yeah thats the reason i didnt see that fucking movie
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