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  1. EveryWhere

    How has graffiti communicated in history?

    why isnt he banned yet?
  2. EveryWhere


    greatest thread ever
  3. EveryWhere


    both are over 5-6 years old
  4. EveryWhere

    best underground hip hop

  5. EveryWhere

    What the hell was that? Reno 911 thread

    HAHAHAHA YES "so if your friends ask you to do some graffiting with them, just tell them 'no thanks, i dont like salad.' "
  6. EveryWhere

    >>>>KICK BALL: its back!!! (dont sleep!!)

    hahahahhaa yuck. shit cracks me up
  7. EveryWhere

    The Babble

    a friend of mine's parents are good friends with dzama and i saw about 6 of his pieces hanging in their home this weekend. he uses rootbeer for the browns in his illustrations. great stuff
  8. EveryWhere

    holy shit

    holy shit its something from the exorcist
  9. EveryWhere

    The Street Sticker Thread

    every new character looks like bob nowadays
  10. EveryWhere

    The Street Sticker Thread

    its called capslock
  11. EveryWhere

    The DPC presents: a weekend with El Mamerro

    Go Speed Racer Go
  12. EveryWhere

    Toys post here...

    Ira Sanky: your stuff looks alot like this slyde kids stuff that posts on here im thinking same person but embarrased
  13. EveryWhere

    Do you rack or buy your supplies?

    at least he didnt say graffing... hey are you a graffer? do you graff? huh huh huh
  14. EveryWhere

    The Beef thread...

    those NT's look like keramik bites
  15. yeah thats the reason i didnt see that fucking movie