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le cordon bleu menu

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ive decided to use 12oz to help me study and give you some gourmet french recipes. im going to post the menus i learn everyday to help me remember them better (and because im bored). so heres todays:






whole chicken 1 x No. 4

butter 15g



1.truss chicken


2. saute in butter till golden brown on all sides.


3. finish cooking in oven for 30-40 min (or until cooked all the way through) @ 180 deg C





streaky bacon 75g

button mushrooms 75 g

baby onions 70g

butter 15g

sugar tblspn

salt pinch




1. cook onions in pot with water (just enough to cover the onions), sugar, salt, and butter. remove onions when soft and keep warm. reduce the mix in the pot to a glaze, put onions in glaze until caramelised and glazed.


2. blanch bacon (cut into small strips-thickness x 1/2 cm). drain, saute in butter (15g).


3. saute mushrooms.




Jus (sauce):



white wine, dry 50 ml

veal stock (or chicken stock if veal isnt available) 75 ml

butter 15g





1. when chicken is done cooking, remove from roasting dish and pour off excess fat from roasting tray into a pot. deglaze the roasting tray with white wine and pour in the pot with the excess fat.


2. add stock and bring to boil. reduce by half.



3. whisk in butter (cut into small pieces).




put chicken on plate with garnish around it. pour sauce on top and garnish everything with finely chopped parsley. (make sure you coordinate everything so its all done around serving time)




WARM GOAT CHEESE SALAD (its actually really good):


goat cheese 100g

walnut oil 1 1/2 L

rosemary 1 bunch

basil 1 bunch

thyme few

bay leaves few


ground pepper




1. marinate cheese in metallic container in walnut oil (1/2 L should do), rosemary, thyme and bay leaves. cover. marinate for 6 hours.


2. drain cheese, arrange on baking tray. reserve flavored oil (marinade).







whole grain mustard 15g

dijon mustard 15g

shallot 1/2

garlic 1/2 - 1 clove

red wine vinegar 30ml




1. mix everything together (finely chopped shallots and garlic(also VERY finely chopped. almost paste)) with walnut oil (90 ml) and season with salt and white pepper.







oak leaf 1/4 head

radicchio 1/4 head

chervil 1/4 bunch

tarragon 1/4 bunch

chives 1/4 bunch


chop chives into manageable size pieces. mix everything together and place neatly on plates.




french roll 1/2




1. cut crust off roll. cut thickness to about 3/4 inch thick. bake in over for about 10 minutes (or until hard but not colored). take out of oven, cut so cheese will fit on top. put cheese on top and put under a grill until cheese is golden brown or soft (not runny or melting) and bread is brown (but not burnt).



put cheese (on top of crouton) on plate with the salad and sprinkle dressing on salad and around crouton. serve warm. (once again, make sure everything comes together around the same time)





sugar 100g

water 60 ml


1. place sugar and 40ml (!) of water in sugar-boiling pan and bing to boil. cook until it reduces to a golden brown caramel (about the color of light honey). take off heat. add the other 20 ml of water (make sure its warm) to caramel immediately (should sitll be boiling) and let settle a little until caramel color and pour into bottoms of 8 dariole molds.



cream 250ml

milk 250ml

vanilla pod 1

eggs 4

egg yolks 4

sugar 115g



2. warm milk, cream, and vanilla pod. mix eggs, yolks, and sugar in bowl and add milk while still warm. stir together until mixed. strain through fine strainer and fill the molds (with caramel already at the bottom) with mixture.


3. place molds in a deep baking tray (porceline or metal). fill to half way up the molds with warm water. put in oven at 165 deg C for 35-40 min. take out of oven, remove molds from tray, let refrigerate overnight. serve on plate. (just turn molds over and shake/work them out upsidedown onto plate). they should be firm and smooth without bubbles and a little jiggly.

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Guest Stapler

This is actually a god thread, it is a bit off the normal lines of threads. But think all those of you who live alone or share a flat you could LEARN SOMETHING VALUABLE AND TASTEY [if cheap very useable multiple times]. BUMP FOR JAH`s recipes

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thanx boys. therell be more tomorrow. and ive got four weeks worth to make up so therell be lots more.....if there are terms you dont understand, ask me and ill define them. i have ot memorise them too....




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hahaha. its a french school dude, "bleu" is frech for blue. jokes on you kid....

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Originally posted by jah

hahaha. its a french school dude, "bleu" is frech for blue. jokes on you kid....


okay, so what is a 'frech' ?? see above.


yahooooooo ladies and gentleman, i give you - 12oz's funniest member.. avilsonerismster


really, i'm just looking for attention.

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yo when i first asked what cordon bleu was, i wasnt implying it was a typo, i just wanted to look like a complete fucking dickhead... i guess i succeeded.

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just thought id hit 1500 before i go to sleep. fuck! i have to get up in less than 5 hours to go to the fish market! more shit tomorrow....

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very nice. i actually go to cooking school, so i'm learning how to prepare that shit.


i go to a le cordon blue accredited school. so, most of the shit they teach us is "classic" french cooking.

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well, i couldnt get myself up to get to the fish market. im just gonna have to go with the next class or something. anyway, heres the food for today. we just had a demo so this is one from a couple weeks ago:





bakers flour 200g

butter 100g

salt 2g



1. sift flour and salt into a basin and rub in the butter until you have a grandular or sandy texture. make sure its all rubbed together evenly and completely.



egg 50g (1 egg)

water 30 ml



2. make a bay in the center of your flour and butter and mix in the egg and a sufficient amount of your water to form the ingredients into a light smooth paste (youll probably use about 25 ml of water). rest paste covered for 30 min before use. (produces 500g paste approx)











pate brisee salee 250g



1. line a buttered (dusted with flour as well) 23cm diameter flan ring with paste (dough if you dont know)and allow to rest for 30 min. blind bake.



bacon, streaky 200g

gruyere cheese 100g



2. cut the bacon into small lardons, blanch, lightly fry and drain. cut cheese into small dice. garnish the bottom of the flan with bacon and cheese.




eggs 3

cream 250ml

salt and pepper





3. mix eggs well, add cream, season with salt, pepper, cayenne, and nutmeg and mix together well. add to the flan to within 1/2 cm from the rim of the flan.



4. bake in a moderate oven at 175 deg C so as to cook the pastry, set the custard, and to give a light brown color to the surface (approx 35 min. check periodically. it will rise quite a bit and have to settle again, so if it blows up like a balloon dont worry. just dont let it explode or burn. )


serve hot.









couscous 375g

vegetable stock 400ml

olive oil 10ml

soy sauce 20ml

freshly ground black pepper



1. bring stock and olive oil to a boil. add couscous, stir, then cover with a lid, remover from heat. season to preferance with soy sauce and pepper (remember, if you add too little you can always add more; if you add too much, youre fucked).



oil 20ml

brunoise onion 60g

garlic cloves 3

celery 100g

carrots 100g

green beans 125g

leek 50g



2.heat the oil in a frying pan and stir fry the onion, crushed garlic; julienne of celery, carrots, and leek with sliced beans for 2 mins. mix vegetables with couscous.



pine nuts 60g


3. toast pine nuts, sprinkle pine nuts over couscous.





short one tonight fellas. enjoy that shit though. its damn good. ill go dig up a recipe i posted in a "cooking with are2" and throw it in here.

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french puff pastry/glazed pears.



275 g bakers flour

2 g salt

25 g unsalted butter

150 ml water (cold)

lemon juice 1 tsp



1. sift the flour and salt into basin and rub butter in till evenly distributed and you have a sandy type texture. make a bay in center, add the water and lemon juice and mix together gradually. knead into smooth dough and roll into a ball for 15 minutes (make sure you do this for 15 minutes). wrap in suranwrap (sp) and let it rest in refrigerator for 30 minutes.


2. cut a cross in the ball of dough half way down, pull the four corners into the shape of a star (or flower or whatever you think it looks like) leaving the center fairly thick. roll out each corner to a quarter of the thickness of the center. the end result should look like four flaps off each side of a square platform.


3. knead 225 g butter into the same consistency and shape as the center (platform) of the paste and place it on the center. fold over the rolled-out corners of the past and encose the butter completely to exclude any air (its important that the butter is completely seeled off inside the dough).


4. press the paste with a rolling pin to flatten it slightly, then roll it out to an oblong approx. 60 cm x 20 cm. keep the sides straight (to look like a nice rectangle or square).


5. fold the pastry into three, seal the edges, then roll it out in the opposite direction to that previously done and again fold in three. wrap in suranwrap and let rest in fridge for 30 mins. (for those of you who know cooking terms thats called a "turn")


6. repeat stages 4 and 5 twice more, giving the pastry a total of 6 turns, resting for 30 minutes between each turn. rest again before using or wrap in suranwrap and keep refrigerated.



now you have your dough (and it only took you like 3 or 4 hours!!!). now for the pear pastry.


500g sugar

1L water


heat until boiled and solutionized.


pears 4


peel and decore pears.



poach pears in syrup (sugar water) for approx. 1 hour

cool in syrup.


roll out your pastry dough, cut out shape large enough for a whole pear to sit on. place pear on top, put in oven at 215 degrees celcius until pastry is cooked


apricot glaze (this should be prepared while pastry is cooking so it is ready to put on when the pastry is out of the oven)


apricot jam 100g (jelly. no chunks or seeds)

water (1/6 the amount of jam)


heat until mixed together smoothely.


take pear pastry out of oven, pour glaze on top. vuala! puff pastries.

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