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  1. jah


    jehballllllllllllllllllllllllllllf jhddddddddslLW
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  4. in oregon theres a little place called "out n about" that is like a little lodging place but its all tree houses. its a real small place, probably about 5 or 6 tree houses, but its cool. i havent been there in years so i dont know whats happening now.
  5. youre the one who jacked off you a flick of a transsexual. you cant say shit!!:crazy:
  6. god damnit mamerro, why couldnt you have left it alone. i knew you were gonna say something like that. im not gonna take the time to explain the female anatomy, you know what im talking about....
  7. if they dont have the ability to have babies i dont consider them a woman.
  8. youre the fuckin man. flex your nuts over the internet dude. keep posting dolemite flix, im starting to feel your blackness. (fuckin homo...)
  9. everything. the main thing is that jar jar binks says it.
  10. i think you should be banned for using hte term "methinks".
  11. no i think fluffers a new comer. unemployed is oj simpson no doubt....
  12. Re: Villain, I Totally Disagree so far tonight i havent read any posts that are intelligent enough to read all the way through. you truly are naive.....
  13. well, when i was going in to get the surgery done, my file got switched with someone elses and i ended up with a 15 inch cock instead so.... i just stuck with it.
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