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Guest tears*uno

im like a raincoat, when herbs like wrek get wet, i stay dry

dont sweat your weak rhymes, like the big tymers ,i stay fly

im righteous, when niggas listen, i make them think right

like phil collins, you can feel me in the air tonight

when someone wants to fight, like twista, im quick to get it wet

ive *8* faggot herbs like you before, you bitches aint ahrd to digest

my rhymes keep it crunk like beers, im the worst of your fears

and you must have made your girl cry, because she be lickin on tears




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i fuck virgin bitches till their hymen tear-s

phill collins line?..damn kid thats played, leave yah assed out like chere

fuck it im off the dome like hair on cancer patients

leave yah faceless, you so white yah trans-parent

sqeaze yah neck till my fingerprints are indented

its gettin hectic, fuck it kid ill choke yah with my testicle skin

yah cant win, im killin men..coca-cola aint got shit on my classics

ill blast yah fuckin ashes, my styles in-human leave yah underground like harriet-tubman..........lol

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to whoever is still here.


You can call me Luke Skystalker

What you forgot about the darkside of the force

I'll swing my light saber

and give yo graff and yo flow a divorce

Killen everyone at the source

Beat you down like Darth Vader

You tryin to think of shit

I'll give you time to come back later!


What happened to the 8 line rule???

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Guest 455

hey Ass&Titties......haha....that was funny......in case you didn't know I dropped a few similies in there that you obviously didn't catch....in other words..it went right over the top of your head.....you should post some shit too.......I love battling people face to face,but since this the internet,I not even trying to come up with clever shit to say....I'm just messing around.....your probably just bummed because I didn't come back with some wack shit like talking about your momma or how you suck dick.....that to too simple,remember B.D.P. when they dropped "criminal minded"....I was in 8th grade when I copped that tape(the year it came out).....don't even begin to try and fuck with me when it comes to doing this stupid little internet shit.......if you want some proof,dig up the old "Freestyle Sessions" threads from the 12oz archives and you will see.......you will get killed.....haha.have a nice day,herb.

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youre all fuckin lucky this is just the internet because if this was real life, id line you ALL up and slit your fuckin necks

a bunch of flaming faggots, the whole lot of you

prolly all lovers, watch helplessly as i cut through your whole fucking crew....

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Originally posted by Smart

he's got a new name but that same stale flavor

if ya'll can't figure it out, Allah Niggah is Misteraver

must be too stupid to realize he fallen from favor

no life saver, or Savior

fed up with the misbehavior



i do not have last line.

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Guest 455

haha....Allah and a&t.....calling out A&t......haha........I'm just fucking around......you must the 12oz prophet who can't drop shit/step into the arena.....middle of the ring and get dropped quick/with lyrical jabs leaving ya equipped sporting 2 blackened eyes and a busted lip attempting like you steady dip but you're not a part of the Bloods' and Crips' don't talk shit/......about how many emcees you smoke when you're style is played like stand up comics spitting "your momma" jokes/don't give a fuck what you quote when it's you that edits posts changing what you wrote thinking it's dope/folks in the crowd talking 'bout choo loud like the record label as you end up 6 feet deep as I creep and speak making your noose out of a microphone cable............Keep praising Allah and bitches with "ass and titties"....thinking I'm going to give you some props/yeah right/the only heads that deserve those is "cmeup" and ".OX."...quit sucking each others cocks you ignorant motherfuckers trying to bring more drama than Chris Tucker on Friday it's my way of saying y'all are wack...and couldn't kick one fact if you had a dictionary or an almanac there is no time to relax....you have to put in work before you get burnt like matchsticks with sparatic tactics/ like that kid exposed with no flows and no clothes with his "ass and titties" and vagina spawled out on my mattress.....haha....just a different style that you aren't used too....go ahead and say this isn't precise shit 'cuz it only took a few moments to type this....like I said before....don't fuck with the Coalition because we will leave you lifeless.......stop Dreaming and wake up from your Sleep............or head "back to the hotel"....you are "N2Deep"....



......iCEBURG.....thanks for starting this thread....sorry,I didn't follow the 8 bar rule.......

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alone yet not afraid

you fuckin pussies bombard me and rush me like as if it was a raid

my styles you want but theyre in my brain, unobtainable

you come at me ten by ten but i rip you apart and eat you like hannibal

down with some farve beans and a fine wine,

all night i dine on the carcasses of those who were out for mine...

your styles not defined, mine burn your fuckin eyes raw...

a heap of blood and guts....

last thing you ever saw was my leather mask and chainsaw....

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Get the fuck out of my way

this kittens repping El Norteee

Dont be wearing no blue sweatas

or you be feeling heat from my berettas

Id jack your meowmix real quick and so slick

then make your mom suck my kitty dick

im straight out the gutta

dont be wearing the wrong colors

LiL MeOw$ is repping Northside mother fucka!

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yo fuck lil meows, he a pussy

i say fuck you meows so sue me

ill opress yall smelly niggas like the aparthide

fuck the north, real niggas rep south side

i stick a gun up yo ass so i can see some fire works

watch yo big ass explode as the glock burst

word, fun for the whole family

south side some killahs, but what yall gay faggots be

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i got lots of fuckin scraps in my crosshairs

blue sweaters meeting slugs from my sterys

a scrap tahts been able to match me, fuckin rare

im a gangbanging kitten, rocking red hoodies down the the red mittens

got more heat on me than a mother fuckin pizza kitchen

down for whatever, killing fools that be snitchin

dont fuck with LiL MeOw$ , that niggas crazy

i made LiL Bow Wow strip down naked and suck my gravy




disclaimer- (the veiws of LiL MeOw$ are not that of Regulator)

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You tryin to step to me I'm a fucking poacher

Caught yo mama once but I sold her

I have the ammunition and the full attire

Got my rifle loaded and ready to fire

I kill big game for hunt

I got an ox head on my wall

Watchin me fuck his chick's cunt

Fucker! Go suck on a blunt



I ain't Taco Bell, no beef here

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