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  1. go to www.nopi.com and go to online catalog. there you enter your year make and model and it shows you all the modifications for it.
  2. Not worth it. It is set at 1 psi and only guarantees 5-15 horsepower.
  3. I give up , damn you use fades. not,blink. Did you blink when you looked at my piece cause your'e under the impression that your'e better than me.
  4. Damn I love that pic of Blink in the orange dress. You said it yourself, llegal wall, only good for two things. Kicks and flicks. I got my flicks, and now I'm getting my kicks by reading this bull shit.
  5. Well I'm not crso so I guess that would make me his fat ass friend. Who showed his bitch ass up.
  6. Don't get mad cause my shit was better you fucking toy. Besides you provided me with a half descent background. As for crossing out everything I do,you don't have enough paint.
  7. e-mail me where this is place is located. j_sens@hotmail.com
  8. You tryin to step to me I'm a fucking poacher Caught yo mama once but I sold her I have the ammunition and the full attire Got my rifle loaded and ready to fire I kill big game for hunt I got an ox head on my wall Watchin me fuck his chick's cunt Fucker! Go suck on a blunt I ain't Taco Bell, no beef here
  9. to whoever is still here. You can call me Luke Skystalker What you forgot about the darkside of the force I'll swing my light saber and give yo graff and yo flow a divorce Killen everyone at the source Beat you down like Darth Vader You tryin to think of shit I'll give you time to come back later! What happened to the 8 line rule???
  10. The hell with you and your broke ho You ain't a big dog, you more like toto Take off that polo, you got no dough Ain't gettin this shit cause you too fuckin slow. I'm not Taco Bell, no beef here
  11. what would you be interested in trading some for? Just to have an idea
  12. to no particular person, just a short one. Do your own thing Don't worry 'bout the next man Have your own plan, If you can You can be my #1 fan I saw that chick in double dd's, Damn.
  13. there's some more Austin stuff at www.mojosdailygrind.com
  14. its dope but try making the letters thicker, and using sharper lines then see how it comes out.
  15. the 3-d in the second is pointing in different directions.
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