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  1. what about those people who live on streets with numbers!??! like 24th ave, or 15th street!! besides i cant even remember my first pets name, or what my first pet was! i think it was a bag of like 40 snails i found in my friends garden, and they all died from suffocation
  2. i think seeking looks like a wookie....am i right? same eyes (sorta), same dirty fucked up hair
  3. in my coffin i want my parents to put in my coffin 1 pound of marijuana, 100 swisher sweets, and every bong and pipe i owned during my life time, some beer, some porn, and a bag of ranch doritos 3ds
  4. i have a bigger rod and im fucking her now kaos... j/p:D
  5. yo man i also had fucking KUK tags in my dream once......i was looking at that sf graff thread, went to sleep, then like i couldnt sleep and i kept tossing and turning and like i wasnt fully conscoince but i kept seeing kuk tags in my sleep and shit just floating around........fuckin crazy
  6. ^ westmob, eddy block, jackson boys (triads), white tigers (triads) <funny cus they are asian and call themselves white
  7. i try to quit and quit but aria giovani, jezabel lullaby, tera patrick, and dozens of other naked bimbos refuse to let me
  9. right now im high as fuck, listening to reggae.....puffing a black and mild
  10. seeing girls underwear when she doesnt know it!!!!! like if she sits down and her thong is showing and she doesnt know and you just keep looking at it...that shits guilthy pleasure
  11. thursday- went to school, came home, smoked a few blunts, ate ramen and my brothers birthday cake today- NO SCHOOL!!!!! cleaned my garage door cus some toys did dust tags all over it, go to friends house, smoke a few blunts, get drunk, watch movies, stumble around the richmond district looking for cigerettes, go to Gordos and get a burrito!!! saturday. sunday...no idea

    SACE kcw

    that aroe throw is the sickest thing ive seen all day!!!
  13. yea that was funny...you could see he was thiking "holy shit i cant remember hte saying"
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