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Never again is what you swore the time before. (POPGUNWAR's DAILY RANT)

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Ok.... so I woke up at 8 am and inhaled paintfumes for a good 4 hours inside a very enclosed ares.

I ate some delizone (the balboa sandwhich, bag of sea salt and vinegar chips and a large dr pepper.), caught up on some old chit chat and even chilled with my little brother and sister. I then watched cast away alot and then the twilight zone, and now im here. rotting away in front of 12oz. But its all good, cause i like writing, and rambling and making you all go, "man popgun war is a gay nerd." OK...

sooo fuck im sorta pissed cause i went on spring break with 1 backpack filled with all the shit i'd need, and im going back home with uhh alot more than one backpack. AND I gotta haul all the shit around. fuck. ok. im pissed that i have school again in 4 days, and i gotta finish ALOT of fuckin work before then. I gotta pay bills, go grocery shopping, and get my 2 remaining wisdom teeth pulled. (this is good because i should be able to milk extra norco's) bling bling$$. THENNNNNNNNN I really want to see that movie DEATH TO SMOOCHY, but as you know, I am a fuckin nerd. I dont have any friends where I reside, and I dont get chicks. Im a fuckin grogin. No joke. I dont like seeing movies alone, because i usually get too drunk and then thwarted by gay ravers (literally) who force me to hold their popcorn and soda while they ramble on and on about how they hate richard geere. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK. Ok. sooo Im thinkin about moving to the Virgin islands. Nah, not really I wouldnt be able to afford that shit right now. I got mild depression. I hear that the new weezer is gonna be good, but I dont really care becae=ue se i want to get some fuckin oingo boingo cds when i get back to the beach. AND I WANNA ACTUALLY GO TO THE BEACHH. fuck all thsis inner city yo yo big binglblingin i gto my gold necklace bullshit. I want bleached blonde hair and cut abs. well i want cut abs. i problablty got ;like 40 puonds gheavur when i came back to the ol homestead for break. I dont miss my skinniesnd. fuck. yo check it. THE NEW BURBERRY COLOGNE SMELLS GOOD!!!!!!!!


do any of you do that body for life stuff? I just got the book and am on the 12 week program. im gonna be stoked as fuck to be drinkin protein shakes and eating raw eggs daily. oh and i decided that i dont give a fuck about ANYone on 12oz. You all are equally (if not more) worthless than me. think about it. 12oz prophet.? a fuckin internet hangout where we waste valublae time that we ocuuld be building legos or lifting tree tru nks outta the earth. i dunno. i got some pills. i got some pills.


i wonder ifd the canadian girl is gonna give me any action when i get bvack. eh take off ya hoser . hwohowho who!@ cares? no. not me.

i cant sleep.


1. no.

1. yes.

you cant resist her. shes in your bones she yada yada yada.








DISASTER YOUTH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:l.engage.









yo ok back in black so i waz chilin at the hood today when thiz dfool walkz up and iz all yo nigga whatz the beef about foo? and im all $teez nigga steez so hes all like $$ give up your wallet so im like FUCK NO I DONT LISTEN TO RAP HERES SOME FUCKIN RAZORBLADE TO YOUR EYE! and then hes like waaaaaaaa and im like whooopacha! and book eh ! and thiz fucker is all like niga you need to stop them! and im like 1haatatata! and fucker flips off the camera.



fade to black.



















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Guest professor poopatronic

i thought you hated that song you gay nerd

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. if it werent for guys like u poop, i wouldnt be on this board waisting my time. there are some funny motherfuckers on this forum.

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Guest willy.wonka

what a wrong but funny pic...i like to moon people..havent dont it in a while..but always enjoyable...especially to them tour busses of hawaii...

the reason why i reply to this is cause it looks like a friend of mine..he came back to the house one night,all fucked up...i guess he started to take out his "roommate love" out on us,cause for some reason he started to beat on us while we were sleeping..at first my other roommate pinned him down and asked him to stop...then he went straight to me...i threw his ass around and dipped him...it was pretty cool....but after we turned the lights off..."at the time we were in a pretty decent oneroom shack/before we got out 2 storie 4 bdrm house//

but he was standing there..wobbling..then he pulled down his pants and started pissing all over my homies dresses...we tried to stop him.he "i think' realized what he was doing and stopped.."i think he was done"...i was luaghin my ass off...so i decided to go back to sleep...i was lookin at him and he just pulled his pants down and walked outside...buttbootyass nekkid..he thought it was a dream...but thats what he looks like..thought it was him...so white,his ass was glowin...

fuck..i forgot,but i have to say this for him....he was beating us with a fuckin "cop" flashlight....

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