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behold the power that is: GOATSNAKE

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if you're a fan of heavy metal, but often times find that listening to it takes up a little too much energy, these guys are for you.

lets say for instance, your sitting there in your basement room at your parents house, its 11pm on a saturday night, you're 29, you just got done smoking a bunch of really good weed that you worked all week at the oil change place to be able to buy. your sitting there with your best friend, Stu, and he throws slayer into the tape deck. oh fuck man, thats way too fast! hell yeah, its 'harshing your mellow' well no sweat bro-ham, throw in that new Goatsnake album 'flower of disease' crank it up, take a couple qualudes, and get ready to be gently rocked all the way to hell, at 60 bpm, where you will sell your soul to satan for a pack of marlboro reds and a big-gulp mt. dew.


if you ever carried a hairbrush around in your back pocket, wore jeans that you had to zip up with a pair of pliers, owned shoes named after a huge southwestern metroplois, or tried reciting anything you read in the necronomicon, then this band is for you.

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