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  1. forteene


    Any books for interior inspirations? Or is Pinterest better for that?
  2. forteene


    I don't know anything about astro and astral travelling techniques but I do mediate with breathing techniques and just being more calmed down. Like sitting in one area and just freeing my mind off my worries.
  3. forteene

    The Walking Dead.

    i love this tv show!! binge watched it during vacation. But i think it drags on too long now.
  4. forteene


    Thanks for the tips. But i think some here aren't really survival tips but inspirational quotes lol
  5. forteene

    The Photography Thread

    Would have been nice if photos can be seen on this forum. Looks like it's just URL's now
  6. forteene

    Music can heal depression???

    It may partly contribute to depression but it's not everything