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  1. chrome trackside, enjoy!!!!
  2. just done a new video and wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. :)
  3. not a lot happening today so just made a short video to share with you guys, would love your input ...
  4. thanks hua I'm new to this forum thing, I didn't realise that multi-threading was a thing, I thought that posting it in a different section a different group of people would see it but now i understand that is not the case i will stop. Once again thanks for clearing this up and explaining to me :)
  5. calm down baby face, go get something to eat you are getting hangry...
  6. just made this video with a go pro i got for christmas and wanted to share it with you guys,
  7. yeahh to be totally honest i agree with you, graffiti in person has a much bigger impact then on a youtube video, go this gopro thing for christmas and the only thing i could think of to use it is do a few pieces.
  8. yeah the letters need a lot of work still, thanks for the advice i will play around with it. and you can see it from the ground but its a chill spot. im just messing around atm playing with the videos
  9. Hey guys just uploaded this, just wondering what you guys think??
  10. Thanks guys the letters are abit shit as its a new name and aint painted in a long time, and its in the united kingdom :)
  11. just been exploring this abandoned WW1 lab and did a few pieces just wanted to share it with you guys...
  12. There is some really good art on here, i just resontly done my first video, what you lot think??
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