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  1. check out Hamer 1's shit on IG if you wanna see some cool graff comic vibe shit. he has been on that kick lately. I think MUL crew did a comic book zine for a bit if you can find it
  2. wish we had more freight graff videos! the scene needs more
  3. neve262


    didnt get a flick but saw an older full ichabod write out in in very early straight letter style. I was hyped that shit was def old
  4. i need more HOs but that shit gets expensive collecting haha
  5. that goonies shit is funny!!!! dig it
  6. Mace all day fuck trying to get held up on other shit
  7. Well since I cant upload anything here is a quick link to a quick little tag from Amuse 126! One of the Midwest's finest! It was found in a dead end alley in Pilsen out in Chicago! https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/217yQQJU.jpg Regarding the contest, its on IG appropriately tagged and mentioned the two friends like required. Hope the link on the 12oz forum will count. I have no clue why it wont upload? IM OUT!
  8. Is there a certain file type to upload photos? I cant get mine up on here?
  9. Sadly this seems accurate haha. I wanted this to be like a Mecca to the graffiti homeland but I'm having doubts.
  10. Sorry! Should have been more specific. Just looking for graff related stuff.
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