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  1. I vote Mr.Discount...
  2. I love it when the actual graff threads are more active than the bullshittin' threads... which is never.
  3. Just to be clear, my throwie showed up, right? Been having issues with this shit lately.:mad:
  4. Well here it is... I'm pretty sure I fucked that 'e' way the fuck up but that's fine.... ig.
  5. Oh yeah, Does it show my sketch for Trey, Sable? I'm gonna flip if it's not there, haha.
  6. Sable, I've always loved your bubbly fonts lol, I see quite a bit of you on Paper Chase, I'm going to attempt to do yours in a more blocky font. I'm still a bit of a toy :p :p
  7. Sorry, Treyt100, my markers are dying /: not a hundred percent on the uploading so if it doesn't upload or you can't see it, let me know and i'll fix it.
  8. EvilTrailer77 my marker was drying the fuck out so the lines are a little shitty but oh well.
  9. Damn, wish the toy threads were this active... Some people are to fuckin' prideful to post in em ig.:rolleyes:
  10. I've finished EvilTrailer's but I'm having some trouble getting onto my computer atm...... so yea.
  11. If i were you I'd skate that shit, man.
  12. This is what I've been working on with cheap paper. gonna move the concept to my blackbook and eventually hittin the streets with it. Thoughts?
  13. ajzz2

    Toys post here...

    I know there's bleed marks all over it, but I don't put concepts in my blackbook. Thoughts?
  14. ajzz2

    Toys post here...

    I need some ideas for two "e's" Following the Z on this. I do throwups and stuff but I need just a simple tag and I'm drawing fucking blanks here. Been workin at this for weeeks now and I got nothin.
  15. I've been living in a town of 650 in Illinois for about 6 years now. I've bombed ONE building with some toy shit, and they conducted a GODDAMN investigation once they saw it.:rolleyes: I never got caught, but living out here has forced me under some bridges in the country, and I'm sad to say that I am the only person who tags anything here. It's god damn pathetic. Anybody know some good cities in central IL to start puttin my shit out there? I'd continue here but I'm pretty sure I'll get caught.
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