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  1. smash blind, probably pass on def though cause i don't think i'd be able to keep my shit together with a soundtrack of mongo whale songs.
  2. cool story bro, i've been released after evading before. sometimes cops have better things to do. best thing is to be straight up or say nothing, it's hit or miss.
  3. so lets make a toast to my liver and my kidneys, pour out a little henney - here's to gout in your twenties.
  4. its probably my favorite chicken sandwich, here let me show you the receipt
  5. drunk by noon again. go me
  6. alrite sixth post here guiz, i've been lurkin on the forums for a minute tho. I've been highly active in the graffiti bombing scene and thought i needed to get my life straight. Do you guys know about college i was thinking about moving to college for the city and wanted to know about some great tips on how to meet girls, what classes i should take? any common mistakes or tips about college life would be greatly appreciated
  7. Drinking red wine and trying to watch this video but my neighbor's wifi is not having it. Where's the animated gif?
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