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  1. aqua17

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    listening to reggae and chillin
  2. aqua17

    THE JACKETS THREAD (w/ special appearences by...

    Re: Winter Jackets northface and uniqlo for the fall
  3. aqua17

    Online Clothing Stores

    uniqlo.com , e-commerce is open
  4. aqua17


  5. aqua17


    After the assassination of Gaddafi, I knew the region was fucked. We will take what we want, whatever the cost. Gawd bless Amurikkka
  6. aqua17

    Occupy Wall Street

    I personally don't like Occupy, great ideas, bad execution. In nyc, it's just a bunch of white kids with their anarchy pamphlets and books, with the token black or minority there to validate their "mission". Occupy comes into the hoods of brooklyn handing out pamphlets and no one has time for that. while you're giving up your jobs and living on the streets as protest, others must go to work to survive, not just for themselves but for a populace of people that has no backups, savings, and lower than normal unemployment rates. A lot of people in my neightborhood don't want these white college-aged kids preaching to them about oppression. We fucking know, we've had 400 years of it. 9% unemployment? try 25% for the black communities in urban areas. Just my piece, y'all.
  7. aqua17

    Cults, Religions, Spiritualism, Psychotherapy, AA, Self Help, etc

    New agers arent any different from religious fanatics...any obsession beyond self can lead to the same irratic or irrational behavior. Some of my "new age " friends and acquaintances are pushy with their beliefs and views just as much as religious nuts. Extreme in any direction is a no-muthafuckin-no. I'm all for spirituality, I believe in God but ultimately, just don't be an asshat and be kind, and love others. Cults are kind of cool to study though...
  8. aqua17

    Movie Recommendation Thread

    Safety Guaranteed was actually kinda cute lol
  9. aqua17

    The Beer Thread

    kirin beer is good, magic hat, and brooklyn brew
  10. aqua17

    What Are YOU Wearing Version 189378129739817

    green shirt, grey khaki's, no socks, straight grubbin