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  1. at work drafting away lines. Sick as hell with a cold and fever. Need to get out and roll up a spliff but i've go to wait another 6 hours. BIIIIITCHHH
  2. thats probably how those bread slices and shit with jesus and the virgin mary on them are made. Takes skills to do that shit for sure.
  3. that fightt pit reminds me of the snow forts we use to build in elementary school. We would gather snowballs and just pile em up on top of each other in the shape of a circle. High enough so we could jump off leaping at people wrestling ring style. this one kid got his earring ripped out one day and it turned the snow fort red. That was the end of the Snow Fort royal rumbles.
  4. I had ropes in my school gym when i was in grade 5. i remember being excited and then sucking at it horribly. good shit to get upper body strength for sure. that was the only school that had ropes most of the other ones i was in after (over 8 schools) did not have any ropes.
  5. wearing shoes with sensors that would light up in many different colours and if you're lucky you could get the ones that made laser sounds.
  6. hungover at work.. fuck i hope i dont puke. headache and all. need to smoke more ganjer
  7. soap gets inside the tip of my dick and it stings when u get a backwoods and u unroll it and its all fucked up with stems going every way possible with a hole in the fucking center when u just wanna eat some acid and go into the wilderness but you cant because u gotta get money to get there
  8. when u need to take a shit and u think you will find a nice handicap washroom but some asshole like yourself made it there before and left a fuckin mess that was yours to make. when your can of silver clogs and everyone is just telling u that u should shake it but u know it wont fucking help anyway when you get that look from some old bitch on the subway who smells kush and looks at u like ur some kind of leper, fuckin cunt i should hotbox your living room and get ur whole family ripped. when ur fingertips are about to fall off and all ur tryin to do is do ur forcefield and get
  9. i hate people with young kids always talking about how precious their little seed is, fuck that shit. i hate it when im just tryin to talk to a sexy girl and holdin in all my beer farts and slowly dying on the inside. (spontaneous combustion?) i hate it when im just tryin to finish in her ass and she wakes up and freaks out like WHO ARE YOU?
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