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  1. This is safeways brand five cheese pepperoni pizza. its bomb, the only frozen pizza i'll buy and they on sale right now for $3.49

    Cooking with 12oz

    so i ended up roasting carrots and sprinkled the chevre over themwith a balsamic reduction turned out good, thanks for the suggestions.
  3. dude on right got plastic bags for shoes
  4. Urine-in Turd Vessels *aka - pee in the butt
  5. Yes there is... You can see one of the pictures but not the other.
  6. My nigga Peanut the Kidnapper

    Cooking with 12oz

    cool, thanks for the input. balsamic was sounding really good maybe i'll give one of those a try. i'll post pics...
  8. soon to be eaten as a snack and part of some dishes, but mostly as a snack
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