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  1. Nice work on the rat. For some reason I don't like the bubbles inside the letters though, it kinda throws the look off. 3d design is nice also.
  2. Actually that's an S, I'm an idiot.
  3. Random street shots. Cool spot DEK Aeyo Zeal Status DEK and some others. Zapo Funny wheat paste.
  4. Yeah, I'm using those fine tip sharpies right now. That's why it's showing so much, they cover such small areas. And it takes forever to color.
  5. I get what you're saying, I just really dig the old school look so that's kind of the path that I've been following lately.
  6. Painted this a few weeks ago, haven't painted much lately unfortunatly.
  7. I've been absent for a while, here's some randoms from the last few weeks.
  8. I like it, it does flow more than my current. I'll give it a shot on a wall soon.
  9. Soper put Zone down with DEK. I'll post lots of Iowa flicks when I get my internet back. On my damn phone right now.
  10. Yeah. Even though those are safe chill spots I tried to do them quick. I did the red one in about 3 minutes and the white one in about 4-5. (I was filling with a stock cap)
  11. I've changed my throws a lot. Luckly they look better and better every time. It isn't great, but it's better than what it was lol.
  12. No, the left looks like a throw up that's trying to look like a throw up, because it is a throw up. -_-
  13. I have 2 of these. Both brand new and in great condition. I'm not an old can collector but I figured I could trade them for some Montana or sell them. Hit me up if you're interested. Both dated 1991.
  14. Word, yeah I was looking at it when I was done and noticed the consistancy was pretty bad lol, but it's a good start I suppose.
  15. To the two above me, beautiful. They look great. Ruck that shit looks great for how simple it is. Making something look that interesting while making it so simple is an art it itself. I took this picture like 5 times and it kept coming out blurry so fuck it. Working on my old school straight style.
  16. Most of my straight letters are a little better than that one, that was a bad day for me lol.
  17. Totally off topic but fuck it, lol.
  18. True. Like I said I never really related it as the actual yard due to the fact that I thought the actual yard was way down the track.
  19. That spot has been chill for years and years, and these guys have been doing the same thing for years and years. Nobodys getting arrested there. What I'm saying is if I'm doing it wrong then my whole city is doing it wrong too.
  20. I guess you have a good point for once. That bridge will be useless soon anyway, unfortunatly. Its been the best chill spot in my city forever, they're now about to run a major road under it.
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