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  1. Go bomb that ass somewhere and take a picture lol.
  2. Lol, so quick to assume. A: I go out with very experienced writers, the best in my city. B: We have a train yard right down from our chill spot which is a bridge. The train tracks go under the bridge and they leave sleepers on the tracks all the time. I've never personally stepped foot into the yard but I've painted around 50-100 train cars. :chicken:
  3. We went over a crew wall, and wanted everyone to know we did it.
  4. Lol, why? I love hitting trains. ;)
  5. Iowa (REAL from Chicago) He did a piece for Dare also, I need to catch a picture of it.
  6. New throwie thanks to RANT (Spawn Of Sham)
  7. You don't know the difference between constructive critisism and being a douche, that's my point.
  8. I like it Yokai. Decided I like the outline on this piece so I 3d'd it and colored.
  9. ^ Sick straight letters. Only thing I don't like is that the S overlaps itself, it really throws the flow off IMO. Other than that shit looks nice.
  10. Looks good but it seems like you're missing a lot of 3d. And this is the toy sketch thread.
  11. Lol, apparently you don't see much of what Red types. He's less than helpful 90% of the time.
  12. I really like the ADE, not diggin' the R very much. But the rest of it flows really well.
  13. Stop posting unless you're gonna give real critisism. If you think I'm trying to go above my skill level break it down and explain why.
  14. "Humility is a great teacher, and is sometimes a hard lesson learned." That is true, but you're still a giant douche about it and come off as trying to act like an internet gangster. Just sayin'.
  15. Yeah I like to shit talk people for fun on the internet just like the next guy but not with this kind of thing, that's taking it too far. I'm sure you've gone through hell and I've got nothing but respect for you staying strong.
  16. ^ Was molested as a child. :cool: ANd Lol @ my rep from this fucking guy. It's so low now.
  17. ^ Nice diggin' the old school style.
  18. I'll let you know when those USPS stickers come in.
  19. Thanks. I had some help from some of the local guys on it. Hopefully I get a chance to paint it in the day time soon though, like I said I had very minimal light and my night sight sucks as it is.
  20. Redid my throwie and painted it tonight. Some of it is pretty sketchy because I was painting in the dark. Also decided to get a few trains. Went with my buddy Monk/Real
  21. I can't remember if it's Painters Touch or American Accents that are all female, I'm thinking it's American. They have some nice ass colors in that line too.
  22. Walmart has been my best bet for female rustos. Goodluck at Menards/Lowes/Home Depot/Hardware stores.
  23. I put a Montana cap on a dollar can today, that shit wasn't pretty lol.
  24. Nice! Very unique letters, the flow is awesome. Great job.
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