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  1. Saw some MSK member do this and wanted to give it a try, kind of a melting away in the wind feel.
  2. I don't get into straights much. I should though, this one was fun.
  3. Bahaha, not sure about the biggest but yes, I put down some retarded wack shit for quite a long time. :) @eido - Your style is very nice, reminds me of a homie around here.
  4. Haven't been here in forever. One I did yesterday "Fumez".
  5. It may not sound like it won't help but it will, I was exactly where you're at a year and a half ago.
  6. Your letters don't have flow, a good structure, and you don't understand when to and when not to use extensions. Everyone does it in the beginning, everything thinks simple straights sound gay. But after a while you'll learn to appreciate them and how to make them look good.
  7. If you don't understand how that would help you then you need to read the rest of this page and the page before. If you keep going the direction you're going, you're gonna be making garbage looking "Wildstyles" forever that have no flow, structure, balance, etc etc etc. Start simple, work your way into it.
  8. ^ Yep, that's about right.
  9. People don't say simple letters just so you can make simple letters for the hell of it, it's an important step in my opinion. People said the same shit to me on this site when I started, because I was trying to do some crazy wack ass shit like you just did. And even though I thought it looked awesome, it didn't even look kind of awesome. Starting simple helps you understand how a letter flows. From that simple you'll start to morph it and stretch it, and then come the extensions, etc. It's all a process. You don't have to start with simples, no. But starting simple and slowly morphing and movi
  10. ^ Bahaha. It's not even worth it, the buff monster is mean.
  11. "ZM" 2 foot by 3 foot canvas I played around with yesterday. Trying to push some fatter extensions into my style, still a work in progress.
  12. Took my first shot at the cracked stone look. Not too happy with it but it was worth a shot.
  13. Oh yeah, got these too.
  14. Going to update this thread soon, trying to go out this week. 2 to add to it.
  15. Not sure what method he used but I draw the letters out on a thick piece of paper of some sort and cut them out like a stencil. Then do your outline, highlights, etc with paint markers.
  16. Bullshittin' around. Tried to make a 2 letter throw look fancy.
  17. What's up guys? I made a quick easy tutorial on how to make digital graffiti pieces, or atleast my technique on it. Hope this helps somebody out.
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