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  1. Bahaha, that's not my girl. Just a chick friend that I used for a reference picture. She's kinda chubby though, I don't wanna see her tits. :(
  2. Does digital count? Lol, haven't been around here for a while. Drew the piece up before doing it in photoshop obviously.
  3. Bates, wow. Your work is insane. I especially like the shadowing you did on that first piece, it looks so believable. Like it's actually popping off of the material.
  4. Sorry for the late update, didn't go last week due to the lame weather. Went back today, digital camera batteries were dead (I'm amazing at checking that before I go) so I used the cell phone camera. Pictures suck a little worse this time lol.
  5. There's a toy paint thread.
  6. Might as well add a few that I caught a month or two ago. Found this one in Des Moines, so that made me pretty happy lol.
  7. Never been there personally but I stay in touch with a writter friend there.
  8. He's not a writter or anything, and we weren't there for anything but taking pics so I didn't think it'd be a problem. But cool I'll take it down.
  9. Thanks bro. Wasn't a huge fan of the piece in general but I figured I would post it up.
  10. That's all for now, hope I caught some shots of a few writters on here.
  11. That's right, in boring Iowa. Not a lot to do here, but we do have a lot of train yards. I'll continue to keep this thread updated as I get more pictures.
  12. Sorry double post, this site is running extremely slow for me today ...
  13. I'll post some. I'm a toy and I know it, that's alright. Gotta start somewhere, only been at it a few months.
  14. 515ZomB


    Not sure if this is legit TKO or not, found it in Des Moines Iowa.
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