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  1. I miss the chi..! Gotta love those POST n DARE fill ins..!! cheah! RIP DARE. He'll be up FOREVER in Chicago.
  2. youngster EBOK's got skills fool..... (here come the haters) bump this real please, much appreciated... No it's not that good but like zomb said, you gotta start somewhere so hate hate hate baby! HATE ON IOWA!!!
  3. yea guys.. :rolleyes: I hate Iowa too, but I actually love graffiti and understand it thoroughly. You're uneducated and don't understand what true passion is... Let me be frank. ANY HATERS JUST EMAIL ME. Iowans won't upload cause you guys are hating so much... Cause I am as good as it gets here. Be nice. idg a fuck... Battle me if you have qualms..... but bet. BET you wont battle me. -posting
  4. it' my living room. it's prob fresher cause there was no heat. try not to hate.
  5. I'm liking the handstyle. I correct myself, u write slang.. sicko bro.
  6. GENERAL DISCUSSION???? hey, F@CK u for starting this thread. And you hate on my Iowa thread northern? holy shit you're dumb. Mods u have to agree.... dondi m.f.
  7. Time to hit em when they're down. Turkey Days a good day... :confused: :D Time to hit em when they're down. Turkey Days a good day...
  8. Dsm is creepin Fucked up night. FRESHHHH Fix can't be stopped. Too cold. One of RIPES first pieces DSC.MUL
  9. You're impressive. Real called you a toy.
  10. Well that all sucks bro.. This was an auction where I painted live btw..
  11. 2 the hater: I'm not trying to impress you.
  12. You're right! I can't believe I forgot.
  13. Phicks One Real needs day flicks..
  14. Tokyo put me down in the Chi.. When I was a freshman in college.
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