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  1. So much freshness. A2M HM (T) many still putting in quality works after so many years.
  2. Shit is getting out of hand...... but it is funny keep them coming.
  3. Why is brisk getting worst at graffiti, i can understand if you just don't have it in you or really don't care but give me a break. I mean it looks like o-matic's handstyle around your piece, theirs no need for you to skip any steps lets start with handstyle then move to throw-ups then straight letters AND THEN the pieces you're trying to paint. By the way keep doing what your doing o-matic just dont post any of your own flicks on here, you'll feel much better about it when someone goes out of their way to flick it and post it. For the record im not talking shit, just helping people improve on their sprays.
  4. Sorry but i will have to disagree, i feel since i paint here, live here and pay taxes here my comments should and do matter. Youre at the bottom of the food chain for a reason most of your so-called writter don't paint and the ones who do don't really matter anywhere outside of indiana. Indianapolis is in the top 15 largest cities in the country, but yet places like DC or baltimore have seen more action in the last 1 then you have in the last 5. Don't be mad at the fact that im actually doing something out of my graff game instead of painting murals and calling myself a Writer. Which brings me to another topic, How are your dopest Writers and yes i mean WRITERS not people who are really good at art and do murals with spray paint ( no offense to the homies ) Give me 10 or better yet 5... Right now epek and that other dude are putting in more work then your so-call writers. ( My meaning of writers: People doing some kind of illegal work in your city. Right now not last year or the year before last. ) The thing is half of the people here are brainwashed by the things they see at your local graff spot, which if it wasn't for sacred having that event once every year you would see the same people on that wall all the time. ( Yo guys you know who you are ) Since im not from here my comments really don't matter but then again they do. Thanks this was fun, maybe we should get together and talk about this more over some beers i'll buy the first round and you can talk to me about where your scence came from. Yo guy im hardly home but always repping.
  5. Oh even better, you take photos...... well peter parker do me a favor, stick to taking photos in your small butt fuck town somewhere in indiana and ill do what i do. You see youre one of the perfect examples ( someone who doesn't even write with a opinion ) It's like me getting on some canon or nikon thread trying to school you or even talking to like i knew what's up. ( which i do ) i have a nice canon rebel xs. I really don't mean to be disrespecful but since you don't write youre not on my level so don't talk to me. Like i said before the post i made was made in general not for one specific WRITER, something that you're not........ This is the most action the indy thread has seen in awhile. Makesure you flick my panels if you see them tho, Yours truely.
  6. You really took the time to look me up? Woah that kinda crazy, Look guy it is what it is im not gonna sit here and go toe to toe with you cause it's a waste of both of our times. i dont post flicks and rarely opinions so i'll leave it at that. Like i said this thread really sucks, people dont paint and that's it. Im sorry your town is too hot that you can't take flick your own shit sonunds really stupid if you ask me. The post i made was in general not for one specific writer, you just happen to quickly jump the gun like i know you.
  7. Shit all you people logged in and not even taking part on the action, this is the most writters indy has had in a while........ maybe we can all get together and talk about the good days.. Where's the YOU MAD SHIT AT TOO?
  8. Scene? you gotta be joking right? You really think indiana has a scene? Most of the things you just posted belong in an art gallery if they were well done. This thread has 150 pages, and you have the guts to say indy has a scene. At one point maybe but not now. Dont make me look like the bad cause im not. Believe me i wanna stay out of indiana! I just wanna see whats new from time to time, the only problem is i keep seening the same out of town pieces or the same fucking legal walls. Im not hating on anyone i'm just upset. Oh by the way that kavis thing is pretty cool, as far as the trains some of those are waste of paint and panels. Yes yes i could have done better if youre wondering. Well Thanks for the flicks keep posting them and ill let you know what i think. Yours truely :cool:
  9. Woah, no wonder this thread sucks so much.... No one here paints they just fucking self promote bull shit and talk. talk talk and talk........ get off your ass and fucking go put in work you lazy assholes....... (oh i fucking paint some legal wall and put up crews no one gives a shit about hahaha). i dont get it, call me a hater, asshole or whatever you wanna call me but you know im right. The crazy thing is that the young kids that are painting dont really have much to look at or then some crazy wild style shit with no structure. Oh well im have fun replying........... Or go paint and prove me wrong.[/b][/b]
  10. Woah, 5 years later and shef's style still hasn't gotten any better....Sometimes is better to quit while you're ahead. HPD.
  11. Woah!!!!! speechless, i dont think is was stupid more then should have known better. You have alright letters just stick to have you have and know what to do. Stop trying to get all crazy and wild and stick to having good letter structure.
  12. What was that kids even thinking..... First of all theirs a lot better shit out on the net to bite from " Not saying the homie stoe is a bad writer " But those jorge pieces are just out of control. Learn some letter structure and stop trying so hard. Im not trying to hate, just dropping input.
  13. :( Sorry that high life is just shitty as hell... Take more pride in your work people.
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