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  1. Fuck LeBitch pussy ass nigga... And miami aint shit Lebicth is soft as fuck...
  2. false... tpbm has or has had a pair of Jordans
  3. What would you do if you could do whatever you want with your life or are you happy with the way things are? I just feel like theres gotta be something better out ther do you agree?
  4. So back when I lived in tampa. I was on my way to work at University Mall my homegirl India was driving, so as we are taking this little back way through the hood we see this deranged black man wearing what looks like a hospital gown hop out this ford tauraus at a red light. Hes running freaking out flailing his arms and shit when two dudes hop out this white panel van that just whipped around the corner out of no where. They tackle the man to the ground cuff his hands and feet and throw him in the back of the van all this happened in maybe 2 minutes it was kinda crazy... true story...
  5. true but I only weigh 170, tpbm can run a mile non stop...
  6. which is why we black people love to laugh at white people...^^^
  7. ^^^^please you sound dumb mad niggas be wearing coogi and tall t's also that wasnt what was poppin in 2000 be real
  8. bad/cheap tattoos laughing at white people chevys tall t's fat asses red kool aid buying shit we cant afford pit bulls new Jordan's Obama coogi
  9. true... tpbm has done time (more than 30 days)
  10. lol true to the aids I guess... tpbm has boned two or more girls at the same time...
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