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  1. Dobn't really matter, it's your cock that's grimey from always being up ya boyfriends arse... Your queer...Next please.
  2. Does he 'eckers like - Rossi has never owned a vehicle. tpbm listens to Joy Division.
  3. ^ Nah, baby, yer rectum's buin penetrated.
  4. Was he on a quest for happiness?
  5. Couldn't be arsed readin this whole thread but yeah, no way do I ever want kids of my own. Having said that, my (female) mates daughter just kinda chose me (I was round at hers one night & the nipper just followed me everywhere & ever since then my name only has to be mentioned & her little face lights up. Way I see it, I've got a responsibility to that nipper, she don't know her dad & I'm not trying to be her dad but seeing as she chose me, I'll always be there for her... And I don't even like kids.
  6. True tpbm wants a piece of Rossi's cock...
  7. Try it, punks, we all know how those holes in the knees of your jeans appeared. Candelabra massive, you've been seen.
  8. Up yer mam's slackness, punk.
  9. Apart from your leaky bottomed, incontinent, vaseline-lubed father, that is.
  10. Wash yer hands after a piss? Well punk, do ya?
  11. ^ S'alright if yer in the mood, but ya do have to be in the mood. Gimme a Taylor's IPA instead anytime. Incidentally, all you septic IPA's seem to be 6% or over - Props.
  12. Mr Rossi


    It's in the category of funny as fuck.
  13. Mr Rossi


    Bit of Jeff Lint? http://www.steveaylett.com/pages/CatererPagesLINTaylett.html
  14. Arse bandits, you've been seen, bum-boys, batty-men, yeah, you're known.
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