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  1. great shit coming out of the cities! congrats uc on ten years killing it! Bump you all. Big ups to Kater- big spot, doug.
  2. deask or daesk = toy with nice paint
  3. alamo isto static hank aqua john hancock kwest big ups
  4. bump tools of the devil jist and hbak hose creative native hope aqua
  5. I look forward to another year of great graff out of Minnesota in 2012! Keep it up, keep pushing- talent ain't nothin' without practice.
  6. I didn't say he wasn't getting up- that would be stupid. Not saying he isn't awesome and one to look up to. Just talking about pushing style. I'm just pushing buttons... ( with little skill or style of my own)... Fun to poke- Happy New Year, Dougs.
  7. Could never hate on shock, but it appears his styles are getting surpassed by by many a 612 fool. Big ups Naive, oter, static (as always), owes, junt, and hope4.
  8. Big ups Don't- 4Give- Kosher. Love seeing the oldies- Esau, etc.
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