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Everything posted by liteonrent

  1. great shit coming out of the cities! congrats uc on ten years killing it! Bump you all. Big ups to Kater- big spot, doug.
  2. deask or daesk = toy with nice paint
  3. alamo isto static hank aqua john hancock kwest big ups
  4. bump tools of the devil jist and hbak hose creative native hope aqua
  5. I look forward to another year of great graff out of Minnesota in 2012! Keep it up, keep pushing- talent ain't nothin' without practice.
  6. I didn't say he wasn't getting up- that would be stupid. Not saying he isn't awesome and one to look up to. Just talking about pushing style. I'm just pushing buttons... ( with little skill or style of my own)... Fun to poke- Happy New Year, Dougs.
  7. Could never hate on shock, but it appears his styles are getting surpassed by by many a 612 fool. Big ups Naive, oter, static (as always), owes, junt, and hope4.
  8. Big ups Don't- 4Give- Kosher. Love seeing the oldies- Esau, etc.
  9. Thanks for saving me the time of posting my flicks. Big up Detroit! Thanks for all the hospitality.
  10. That was a bit harsh- but really?
  11. "Joey" is fuck tard. Fuck You! If you get laid because you were in the city pages I hope you get crabs. ..and if the xyz gallery thinks that graff is just hitting the art scene they missed Style Wars and Keith Haring would become verklempt.
  12. 5'6" is what's up! Big up to Paperstacks.
  13. http://www.flickr.com/photos/27450199@N03/5099510191/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  14. Omens and some chubby pud are currently painting the alley next to bloomington and lake street.
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