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  1. big ups to ono an his sick style!!!
  2. rolled thru Texas this weekend!!!
  3. plus I don't go over numbers cause that means they have to pull the train off the line to get it stamped and who knows how long it stays off from running. also, have you seen how nasty and hidious they stamp you, fuck that, no thanks!!!
  4. ran into the workers couple of weeks ago and they basically said DO NOT paint over the numbers, don't leave trash around, and do not break into the cars. they didn't give a shit about painting them, but just follow those 3 rules.
  5. caught these in Texas couple of weeks ago!!!
  6. In my own personal experience we nailed their so called schedule in our yard down to the days and times not to say that everybodies is the same way. Give or take a few hours, but we caught on to the pattern. Not to say it will not change, but for now we have it down. It has been the same pattern for the last year. There are certain days they lay the layup fat and not so on the other days. Do your homework and you will find some pretty koo and interesting things out if you haven't yet. I'm still on an everyday research of other yards in the city, but no luck with those.
  7. rolling thru Texas!!!
  8. don't even know where to start, so many good classic flix!!!
  9. caught this one in Texas!!!
  10. dope fr8s!!! dope walls!!!
  11. caught this in Texas back in 03!
  12. heat, myth and awe killing it!!!
  13. Some really nice stuff down under. I wouldn't mind panting some of those out there!
  14. smasher is dope!!! good flix man, lots of goodies!!!!
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