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Everything posted by dzenomedia

  1. haven't been on here in a minute, but I am back!!!
  2. bump this dope thread! good stuff innercityrebel!
  3. . http://i602.photobucket.com/albums/tt105/illastr8/2009%20benching
  4. a little lunch time benching! more coming!:cool:
  5. dope post! very nice benching!
  6. them soo lines are so dope all old and rusty!!!!
  7. as soon as I download everything from my comp. more flix will be up soon! :cool:
  8. solid post icr, very nice!!!! harsh big/wink king high jase ugly glue mber lyes phone sympathy for none e2e
  9. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks they are no victoria secret, but you get the hint!!!
  10. Re: American WholeCar thread... bump that shoe, it kinda reminds me of Beat Street!!!
  11. these are dope as helll!!! dig the shirts as well!!!
  12. dzenomedia


    guy is a beast! bump this thread!
  13. bump this whole thread, its shizzy!!! here are some that rolled thru Texas!!!
  14. tahoe jaaber stae good post!!!!
  15. I apologize for that little bandwidth glitch, but all of that is fixed now :cool: more benching pix coming tonight or early tomorrow morning!!!!
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