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  1. Oh, and no, its the same company, different owner, security will stay the same, engines and shit will stay the same too. Next time you see a sign at subway that says "under new management" you can assume they still sell sandwiches and use the same logo
  2. Yeah, i did, very interesting, I'd wager that it any class I merger would be too big. I like how there are very few good comments in this section "bnsf and up are my favorite, right after cherry snow cones and apple sauce" come on you stupid kids, keep your favorites in the playground
  3. The page you look back and tell us its on
  4. Nothing is under it, thats whats under it
  5. I would say seap has WAY more than 200, who are you? someone awesome sauce? probably, you talked shit online
  6. You have to have 10 posts. Then you can
  7. guess once you've retired you can give people all the info you want cuz who cares, right?
  8. I want this smelly tramp out of my house
  9. 2-C+C-2

    Spray Paint

    I'm just telling you what it is, probably because their other lines are industrial lines
  10. Aussies are as racist and as untrustworthy as you shitty Americans. Only difference is location
  11. 2-C+C-2

    Spray Paint

    it is 2x the pigment of competition like kyrlon, not 2x the pigment/coverage of their old formula. Same shit, new packaging basicaly
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