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  1. *fuck the shit, fuck fuck the shit* hahaha.. props sent
  2. i'm an architectural designer. basically meaning i don't have my license, so i cannot seal my own drawings. i have to have my boss actually stamp drawings in order for clients to get building permits and to have those drawings insured. the firm i work for is hella small consisting of myself, two achitects, and a secretary who's in two days a week.. shits pretty dope. we do luxory and loft apartments, high end residential additions and remodeling, some new construction houses, commercial storefront and interior designs.. they give me a lot of creative freedom as far as general layouts go, material selection, ect... i've always enjoyed drawing, but never felt i could be successful as an artist selling my own work.. i looked at this career as a way to be creative, draw all day everyday, an generally not have to deal with all these fucking idiots that make up 90% of the population... a typical day consists of me walking into the office sometime between 10 and 11:30am.. turn my computer on. get my coffee an whatever breakfast pastery from the kitchenette. start up itunes. apply big ass headphones to my head. start up vectorworks or sketch up (drawing programs). start up the interwebs. draw. read some shit online. smoke break. draw. fuck araound some more. draw. maybe open illustrator or photoshop an werk on personal graphic design projects. draw. smoke. draw. interwebs. ect... leave at 6pm regardless of what time i walked in. not the most paid job, but its decent money.. the national average is $65,000. i'm making about $40,000 after 5 years at this firm.. but again, i'm not a licensed architect. if i was, i'd probably be making more.. if i wanted, i could go back to school full time for about a year or two an get my degree.. just don't really wanna go back to school.. werd? never heard of that personality test stuff, but it seems interesting.. gonna go look up some of that shit.. peace.
  3. those just might be the ugliest adidas shoes ever made... i like some (some being the key word in this sentence) flashy kicks, but those are supercalifagidousiously GHEY... not a personal attack new account, jus my 2cents on those flaming ass disgracefully hideous adidas... rock shell toes, plain white tees, and plain black zip up hoodies.. you'll get way more respect an look less like a douche bag...
  4. haha, i was expecting the "Wall of text" comment after reading that WALL OF TEXT.. nah, it was a good read an many posters def fit some of these internet disorders..
  5. jus saw one a these for the first time the other day on the street.. thought it looked propper. i can kinda understand heads say'n shit about it being hipsterish, in that it looks similar to scions or somethin. but fuck that, let em hate on a quality, dope ride (that prolly came with a $30,000+ price tag)... an shit'll def look ill with the tints.. nice buy, i'd love a new car. been rock'n the tinted 99 honda accord since 2001.
  6. MrThree: yea, all my stencils.. they sell, they're easy to make, an they're a good waste of time.. lil_spenty: def some ill cats posted up.. good people too, not that i know any of em.. haha
  7. been a min since i posted.. here's tues - fri of last week.. starting late tues night, city of champyinz kitty said g'nite already slept, werked 8 hrs, pigeon take'n a nap, mutha flip'n traffic. fuck'n tag'rs fuck'n shit up.. haha relaxe for a min outside till dark. pabst n jameson all day erry day. slice, cut, cut. test print oner thurs: hung pieces at lounge, went to see girlie dahntahn. later played shuffle board. homie thought he was ill friday: show at lounge. some ill cats. raps n dancen shit wordsworth FIN.
  8. some good pics in here.. but uhhhh, this thread will vanish like all the rest... jus say'n..
  9. bump the fuck outta the nsf crew.. 16 years in the game an counting...
  10. dig'n the thread title interpretations.. friday: work'n till 5ish friday nite: lady friend does work for city paper an scored us vip passes to some swanky garden party.. i will be blazed, down'n free booze, eat'n some shit i'd prolly never buy myself, ignoring snobs, AN WATCH'N THE MOTHA FUCK'N PENS WIN THE STANLEY CUP! friday latenite/saturday morn: after hours to see some friends do some hip hoppage. saturday: sleep in hella late. wake n bake. urban explore. arts fest. VAST AIR an my homies at bar blocks away from my apt. sunday: sleep in hella late. wake n bake. sketch/paint/work on new (f)art pieces for upcoming show in july. move old futon off deck n dahn to trash. deck chill'n, 40 drink'n, bbq'n.. sounds like an aight weekend to me. is it motha fuck'n 5pm yet????
  11. this shit's garbage.. they kill your dog cause it bit one of them, and it's all "following procedure". you kill their dog cause he bit you, and it's 25 to life for you for "killing an officer". fucking bullshit...
  12. that sov & rams roller at the top of this page is dope.. bumb nsf cats do'n their thang dahn there...
  13. the spy vs. spy theme is pretty ill.. props yinz...
  14. this thread has inspired me to stop fuck'n around an travel.. thanks pfffft!! great pics an stories to all that posted....
  15. ^ holy shit!! Ab lincoln was shot??? i gotta read the news more..
  16. wow.. dis fuck'n guy... you supa dork lozas betta watch dis shit!!
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