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  1. werd.. yea, country is absolutely horrible... i can deal with almost any musical genre, but not country, ever! 1 day is still longer than i could've lasted at this sheeeit.. i need to step up my camera game.. i get hella jealous seeing the quality of pics some heads post on here..
  2. dope pics for sure... i'm a huge people watching fan, but i think the music + peoples general stupidness at this would be too much to bear... i'd be scream'n "get me the fuck outta here!" after about 5 minutes... props for self control and properly documenting this bizzar event...
  3. i'm bout some poker.. only played texas hold em twice, but won both games.. kinda hooked on the idea of play'n house games and have been recruiting(sp) heads to play.. shit's fun and a good way to waste time geting your drink on while gambling.. never tried that online ish an probly never will... liquor in the front. poker in the rear.
  4. FRENCH FRIES ON MOTHER FUCK'N EVERYTHING!!! what the fuck else do you need.... :lol:
  5. hahaha.... yes! donnie motha fuck'n iris!!!! :lol: that art show looks proper.. admission cost? might have to check it aught.. right accross the bridge n'at... southside blows, unless yer into douche bag frat boys an herpes infested cum buckets.. in which case it rocks.... check out the shadow lounge in east liberty for dope local and national hip hop acts. they also have jazz, funk n soul dance nights, an other good shit.. usually the most diverse crowd yer gonna get in the city in one building.. belvaders in lawrenceille (aka larryville aka lawlessville aka sweatpant hooker central) usually has dope punk shows.. they also have a monthly roller derby party that has tons of hot chicks in daisy dukes an knee high socks.. i donno.. PM me if ya wanna know some other spots depending on what yer lookin for..
  6. i posted a couple 412 JESSE throws in the pittsburgh thread.. pretty sure they've been posted here already, but whatever.. someone steal em an post 'em here if not... Uuuge props to JESSE.. def a head i look up too..
  7. was in philly two weeks ago.. didn't get to see much, but south street was dope.. saw more fine females (of every color/style/shape/size) than i have in a long time... yinz scrawls is nice too... props... will be visiting again soon... tell the ribshack guy it's not nice to try an attack heads with swords over writing on the wall... hahaha. peace
  8. ok, so i donno much of anything about torrnets. anyone wanna school me on this via PM or here.. would be much appreciated..
  9. damn... talk about a dope job! way to stick it to the man, soups..
  10. dudes shirt says it all pimp ride couple more randoms bikes i want this next one piggy with wings self portrait homie being a himself.. haha shots at the end of the night thanks for watching. make sure to tune in next time.. peace..
  11. this old school beatle was ruff. more ruffness some ill sculptures stop back at the truck for a refill n'at.. flame throwers cars next...
  12. i was seriousely feel'n the flat black / rust look.. this was a PA Drifters annual car convention.. there were literally 100's of cars in this style... decided i will def own a bad ass whip like one of these someday.. talked to one guy and he said i could probably build something pretty badass for about $5000... aquiering currency, disregarding everything else... haha
  13. thank you! i'm usually pretty good at remebering shit like this and or using spell check.. wake n' bake oner
  14. gangsterr ride (wish i had gotten better pics of this one) eddie munster mobile these two were clean as hell nice funeral car (can't think of what their called) and some other randoms barbed wire grillage aight, i gotta actually do some werk at the job.. will post more later... more cars and a flame thrower competition.....
  15. props all around... went to this rock-a-billy car show last weekend.. city of champYINZ an my iced coffee shoe pic? mural my homie painted for another homies bar heads rock-a-billy-ing? first badass car that caught my eye. the hood ordiment(sp) was insain too be continued when i get another minute..
  16. Stopped here for $3 PBR on tap. So fucking cold that it gave me brain freeze.. $3 draft pbr? was it a huge ass mug? cuz otherwise that sounds a lil steep for pbr draft. that shit rahn here is like $1 or a $1.75..
  17. happy birthday holmes.. stop thru new amst for a shot if yer in larryville
  18. dope pics, looks like a nice trip.. bump this HERT guy...
  19. fuck the gloves. get drunk an fist fight in the ally like real brothers.
  20. Re: FINALLY FUCKING FRIDAY/reggae neon plastisol meets corrugated cardboard weekend thread FRIDAY - at work now, obviously working hard. - outta this bitch at 6pm. - home to drink some brews an get lifted. - report for duty at the bar at 8pm. - work till 3am. - initiate mass drinks n L's - pass the fuck out. SAT. - wake n bake. - dentist apointment (tooth extraction = fun + good pills) - drinking whilest consuming said pills = bye bye liver.. - who f'n knows?? SUN. - chill'n.. more pills, more trees, more brews.. - boxer wearing, ball scratch'n, generally not given a fack....
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