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  1. I've seen a lot of pics from burning man in here, you should at least have pics to start this thread.


    I was hoping for hippie bush.





    Hippie bush! Props! Hahahahaha!

  2. I hate George Bush because he came out of Barbara Bush's crotch. And George Senior gets to smash that.

    No but seriously, not only for all the shit he has gotten this country into, is really working for the Queen's regime, he is just one of those people that are easy to hate. Such as that guy that is as old as you are and is extremely immature and when he calls you, you can not help but press the ignore button.

  3. Damn I'm sorry about this. It really sucks because I'm the type of person who has more compassion for animals than I do humans. I would rather see a human hung, shot, beaten, stabbed, severed head, terrible freak accidents and tortured rather than see a animal of any kind in pain or die. So, if the cancer treatments will put her in pain and she would not be in pain without the treatments, and there is no guarantee it will cure her, I would say the let Roxie ride that shit out. She seems like she had a full life of 9 years and was your loyal companion. If it was me I wouldn't put her through the pain. Look at it this way. You gave her a good life and she brought you nothing but joy. Why make her suffer?

  4. Ironman is still my fav.




    ( If you aint smokey, it aint yo mutha fuckin message!!!)[/color]


    ( Maybe I can stick around for awhile? Naw that's out man. What can we The Lords do with a punk like you? Kiss my ass mutha fucka. Burn em! Just me and you mutha fucka just me and you. I'll put trade marks around yo fuckin eyes!)

  5. haha...some people

    i would have took my time and enjoyed the 6 mile walk home



    Yea no shit. I know when the times I went and got out, all I wanted to do was smoke like 12 cigarettes, look at anything outside, breathe fresh air, eat real food, walk around outside, and there isn't a thought in my mind about commiting a crime. Even when I'm home right after the fact that I was in jail, I find it hard to watch cops on tv.

    Fuck Jail.

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