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  1. Fuck this site. Malicious software dected off the banner ads on front page for 3 months now. Seriously? Still after 3 months? Good luck with that shit, I won't be back.
  2. ^ Tru dat. I'm glad I was never an angst filled tweenager running around being disrespectful. ::cough cough:: Damn kids trying to have fun, what are they thinking!?
  3. Omg, that rainbow Zuaw is hawt! And of course ruhek is always on point.
  4. ^^ Ahh, sorry to hear it, graffiti tends to attract it's share of nut cases, I'm no exception.
  5. Those that are "coming up in the game" usually have this anti-everything attitiude that extends even to those local veteran writers whose behavior they are emulating. I guess you didn't get the memo. =P I hope you didn't take it personally.
  6. Gnasty said: "for taking pictures? I didnt think there was anything wrong in that. I'm not actually the one doing these sprayings, I just enjoy documenting what I see and exploring my city. " The good news is, you're the first person ever to use that defense. Lol. Sorry, I just had to.
  7. UAT was no joke. UAT was THE crew in Oklahoma when I was in school in the mid 90s. Their parties back in the day were legendary. Almost all the graff in Tulsa stems from people emulating what UAT did in the early to mid 90's...I can say that because I witnessed it. They influenced people, that influnced younger people, that influenced the next generation, ect. Around '97-98' the quality of work that NDK was doing was what everyone else wished they could do.
  8. <3 the river wallage. If only those walls could talk. Oh wait, they just did.
  9. Man, those are some pretty neat graffiti's, but I'm not sure those walls are legal.
  10. Back when I was a kid, I loved the Mad Max series of movies. I still have fantasies about Road Warrior type scenarios. Lord willing, I'm tryng to live long enough to see it with my own eyes...lol. Or I guess I could just move to Iraq or New Orleans or something. Tell me this dosn't look fun.
  11. It took me a minute to figure out where that 3rd poser chick had her picture taken.
  12. Uh oh, virtual art fight. ::ducks:: In other news, I saw on the evening news just last evening (and what a lovely evening it was) that the Tulsa Club building downtown now has a new owner and those lucky adjacent property owners will no longer have to put up with the abandoned, graffiti covered, homeless harboring, nest of debauchery...because it is about to be renovated.
  13. ^^ Damn, thats gonna be an expensive one to clean up. In other news..I was watching a city council meeting on T-GOV yesterday. The meeting took place on the 17th (earlier this week). The council had a representative from TPD in the chamber to answer some of the council's questions about Tulsa crime. Councilor Jim Mautino started asking about graffiti, and was going on and on wanting to know why TPD is not catching the "graffiti taggers", and don't they have detectives working on it?..and if they don't they better get some detectives on it, and on and on. Anyway, I mention it because the current city government is apparently pissed off that "taggers" are making them look incompetent, and theyre looking for someone to publicly crucify.
  14. Born in '79 but but didn't find this one till the 2k's.
  15. Some crazy car wrecks, and numerous unbelievable events from my 13 years of doing construction related work, also some crazy fishing related shit has gone down. One of the the best was when a beaver got tangled up in my friends fishing line at about 3am while catfishing. We had naturally drank and smoked waaay too much at this point in the evening. He's like "Gawddamn it! F this thing, I'm gonna reel it in and unhook it so I don't have to redo my rig." I'm like "Um, ok, I'm gonna stand waaaaaaay over here and watch." Now, beavers have some big ass teeth and jaws that can chew down a tree. I witnessed my friend suffer the fury of those jaws, and then drove him to the emergency room to get many many stitches in his hand and arm. I also witnessed this same friend take 3 cottonmouth snake bites to the rear of his left calf while he was walking down a trail in front of me and stepped on an adult snake. Of course, we were over an hour's drive from the nearest hospital, and nearly as far away from my truck.
  16. In my world, it's not worth the agonizing conversation and b.s.ing it's gonna take to get in those barely legal panties most of the time. Older chicks man, they'll get right to the point. I do understand the desire though, haha.
  17. ^^ Dewey is the best mayor ever, he laid off like 50 cops, and grounded the ghetto bird for a couple months! (Yeah, I know they got their jobs back, but boy I was enjoying it knowing they were suffering for a little while at least.)
  18. http://www.ktul.com/Global/story.asp?S=12873868 ^^ Lol.... I saw these today about a half mile west of where I spent Sat. night. No wonder I got buffed so quick. Great minds think alike?
  19. "Theyre" not taking away your privacy (although "they" would love to). The fact is that the general public is so fucking dumb that if they see on the local news that their favorite movie star uses a site like Twitter, they will in turn go online and post every single thing they do all day long in attempt to be like some jackass's fictional online representation. You people are pissing your own privacy down the toilet by being brainwashed by television, radio, and print media and willingly joining in. They don't have to take away your privacy, you fork it over on a silver platter beacuse of your ego! You need to think twice about why you believe what you believe, where did you get your "world view"? Television has a stranglehold on our society. You can stone me now for stating the obvious.
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