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  1. Alot of people need to have their pic posting abilities revoked in here, but bump all the usual suspects.
  2. Shout out to upfe, always authentic and funky.
  3. That last Exile is the hot fyah.
  4. Fucking Slope burner from 98 killing most anything from today.. Keas and UN ofcourse..
  5. I'm positive Cola or Vour fucked your girl son. You post in here every couple of pages to call Cola a homosexual or say Vour is biting Velcro, neither of which are true. Also, that Mber "chick magnet" freight is one of the best panels ever done but there is absolutely no reason I can think of for it to be posted in here. People are fucking stupid.
  6. Acero Esay Keas Good graffitiz.
  7. Oh boy this thread is rocking right now.
  8. You sound like a frustrated toy, everything you post in this thread is negative and you have yet to offer anything positive to it. I understand its a frustrating time for a lot of writers right now, but please don't get upset that I've been out doing things while you're stuck in your moms basement son. I can understand why you're bitter but please don't take it out on me. Thanks
  9. One of the best alive w the letterz imo, thread is bumping
  10. SW Chief!! Such a fun ride, did it earlier this year great flicks..
  11. Thanks, keep your homo fantasies about Aires under your own screen name.
  12. I did NOTtype that shit. You have violated and tarnished the reputation of the 12oz alter ego that I made up to cover up the identity my actual "tag" nickname alter ego. Please log out of the Paintin Manning account, for it is MY alter ego of my spray tag alter ego.
  13. I did NOT type this shit, must've left my account on somewhere. Sorry for any confusion.
  14. I've felt the same way. However, he is really close to having a respectable style so whatever he does is working to some extent. You have to spread out where you are drawing influence though, people tend to pigeon hole their styles by repetedly going for the same "look".
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