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  1. juspix


    ^^hahaha i feel ya!! first time ive been on here for a while. its ignorant, not knowin shit, hatin people like tom hanks that kills this site. bump tax report for holding down philly. without his post, this thread would be dead instead of on life support.........
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NYC-graffiti-collectibles-lot-cope2-kaws-espo-skuf-/230893739952?pt=Art_Posters&hash=item35c256dfb0
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/huge-stack-of-connecticut-graffiti-photos-/230893732779?pt=Art_Photo_Images&hash=item35c256c3ab
  4. juspix


    yo "dude", your an outta towner who went over a dead philly graff legend! fixing it with matching colors doesnt make it all ok. in the graffiti world, you should know thats a major violation. so be responsible for your actions and deal with the consciquences. this problem with never go away for you. the sooner you get that, the better off youll be........
  5. hahahaha ^^ seriously. writing on a dead dog is toy!??!?! people take graff way too serious now a days........
  6. juspix


    the rlines are filled with outta towners! i dont get why your picking on just skrew? why arent people goin over depht/doesit stuff? he went over a dane fill in.....................
  7. water based paint?! it doesnt sound like it will last....
  8. juspix


    rasad action shot!! bump that shit!!
  9. i want that ewok in my house so i can look at it every day!! that shit is off the hook!!!!!
  10. have you seen the pic floating around of them buffing that spot?? they had some huge cherry picker thing out there to buff it. it was a lil shocking. thought that woulda ran for a while........
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