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  1. Still a circle jerk? Just as it has always been in here.
  2. BuRnsZwalLz


    yo, i know i'm gettin into bad territory but dont feel like i can stop it right now. this sucks.
  3. THE FUCK is going on in here?!?
  4. <--- speaks proper english and wears pants at the waist level.
  5. dead. DAO's staying power has dwindled greatly.
  6. Don't you have teh Krink recipe?
  7. white bitches. Always. Fuck Yeah.
  8. if it will help the advancement of this shit thread I will rail another xanax and take a few shots of jamesons, and we'll see what happens afterward. Mind you, this is imply for the advancement of the DAO thread on the oontz, because it is such a heavily trafficked site. In the name of science, because I burnszwallz.
  9. *this definitely said "it's clearly an attempt to get more viewers on the fucking site." anyways, back to SIK phillycheesestakes, whaledogs, walls of red text, skinny jeans, and photoshop
  10. Y'know, that might not be far from what I was thinking..... running with the whale-dog theory... Realism got the insight to shit I blacked out...
  11. This is why you should never mix xanax with tequila. I swear to god I had a point, but even I can't fucking decipher it.
  12. But then theres always the possibilty thatocto f pus et gn acnbetthefriendsllovre aod peopa le annde make a new race of people that tend to do wat is aculatyy firght in teh acufkking world, but the limmitatios Ofe mossth erhta shit is Cucke;ind fucked adn nobody really wanto oto fucking hear it anymore, so there's that.
  13. This place fucking reaks of vagina. It's clearlayan attmentoto get morec=vires are onthe teh cukings ite
  14. Re: PROP THREAD ******OG'S ONLY*********** Lurking. Not OG, just looking in at teh gayz.
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