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marker fetish

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  1. using it isnt a good idea because in some places they will personally seek you out for your damage with it. It will also give heat to all other writers. but if you really want to try it, for legal purposes, you dont really need to add anything. but i usually take it and pour it slowly from the etch bottle into a coke bottle. stop pouring when the dirty stuff starts coming out. Then, let the coke bottle settle for a few weeks. The stuff that moves to the top will be the strongest. ps.. etch isnt as bad as everyone makes it seem. ive had it on my hands and never had burns. the worst i had
  2. some of mine, and the krinks i never used i got them from someone who let me hold their supplies during a legal situation, and never came back for it. i dont think the silvers are available anymore? who knows. also im pretty sure that OPTIMIST tag a few pages back was done with one of these mini pilots, since they are everywhere over there
  3. looks like an abandoned building to me
  4. werth had the whole team beat if that got ugly
  5. marker fetish

    Spray Paint

    i order sabotaz from oinkartltd.com because its good paint for half the price of some other high end lines. PLUS the shipping is $10 flat rate for sprays. even if you order like 100 cans. Other places i wind up paying like a dollar or more per can shipping
  6. ^^^ fuck off no one in philly cares what you think. im sure all in philly on this thread are super happy about that SHAFT hand, i know i am
  7. those cops are real heros stomping a guy who just got destroyed in a wreck. real men. i dont care if he shot a cop thats what the jury is for.
  8. good luck with that! oncitystreets.com just updated the hands and fills sections
  9. i feel the black and white argument, but i dunno im thinking that light blue would look pretty good on some rust,ill give em a try
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