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  1. Most of you guys kind of have horrible taste in movies.... -__- 1. Waking Life 2. Enter The Void 3. Mister Lonely 4. Pi 5. Gummo
  2. If you don't have permission to paint on certain walls, certain people will go over you. Rules shmules, get over it.
  3. You guys are sooooooo mean That sear is what's up! Vacnt and goes killin it
  4. Damn! Bang went over my boy seen, what the fuucckkk. RUDE.
  5. Dear 153rd, people change. You don't like it, stop interacting with people. Break em off comes correct and that's all that matters. Props to ehc and kaset. That is all.
  6. It's nice to see more fill-ins throughout the highways in Dallas. Keep them coming
  7. You heard wrong.^^^ Dude teleports, duh. CENO GOT EM
  8. Wow, the pot calling the kettle black. That shit is gay dude, posting someones info on the internet. Do what you do, but karma is a bitch...
  9. Hahahahaha! No way! This shit is hilarious!
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