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  1. cool stuff in here- i guess this is the self promo thread so check out instagram = yoker_one
  2. Stanley always comes correct with pics. everyone of those killed it, drama for the killshot
  3. check this out. http://www.seeclickfix.com/watch_area/1230 kind of a good view for anyone taggin up san rafael.
  4. It is only a matter of time before these and other vandals are arrested and prosecuted. For months we have been taking subrosa video of many of the frequently hit areas at night and collected evidence (finger prints) at the scenes. We've provided evidence to SRPD and in the near future will start making arrests. Stay tuned. **heads up SRCTF out and about** wear gloves
  5. "This is the biggest amount we have seen. We had some spot tagging before, but nothing as big as this." umm, thats bullshit. but tes did their thing
  6. wesk kills his pieces. thumbs up! SF + East bay video ft. hyper, king, amaze, buter icp, cycle, dug one, tenfold, skew, naka, quake + more
  7. ^word^ lunch money krew????? can't walk too far in marin county without running into one of them match stickers
  8. really? page 3 of brick-slayers? it's been years since that's happened to me... Is the north bay falling off? can anyone please post some: Quake, Match, Gena, Bugs, Sonik, Reks, Fedor, Bobcat, Howl, Karma, Sorrow, Since, Pikey, Neves, Log, Eace, Dwell, Shak, Lucy, Sworn, Cue, Yoker, Poet, Industry, Yael, Chase, Csaw, Redrum, Fils, Ckos, Pastime, Prsn, Adee, Defie, Dface, Roast, Anti, Loser, Dabs, Grins, Beset, Hero, Besp, Ulser, Tyme, ??? sry if i forgot you- gimme some pics to look at!!! this thread is getting tired UM, TFL, IDC, BTM, PTB, 87c, DCK, TYW, LIB, HCM, CBS, AQ, UND, cmon guys! did everyone get wrapped or what?! "north bay- where hyphy aint dead?"
  9. neat lil' linkwell vid ft. cue, huge, rx, eace
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