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Everything posted by KARL ONE

  1. Bump those ROIDS!!! DETS by TRAV
  2. Bump that dripping red GRAY tag and that DEMS.
  3. Forgot to mention TRAV, ZES, PYSA, TOM, AGUA, SHVER, KRES, & TRIGZ.
  4. Nice attachment to my flicks!
  5. I'm not talking shit, I'm just saying it's crazy shit. Beef is beef. Nothing pisses off a piecer more than someone going over there shit with a throwie or a half ass bomb. LOL
  6. BONKERS is OTR and PHAROE is LCF SOB. There's a lot of writers in MSK. RISK, EKLIPS, HAELER, WANTO, SECT, QP, CEAZE, HAVOK, DEMON, BUDS, KICK, VEW 124, SKREW, BUS, SIVA, DAME, PUSH, besides the ones you mentioned. Then there's writers who are just AWR like WITNES, KRUSH, LOOK, GRIME, etc., and writers who are just The Seventh Letter like SAYM, FRAME, TACKZ, RUETS, etc. But it's all one big family.
  7. This fool is going to start a MTA/AL war, watch. Not good. Both crews are dope. Leave the crews out of it, if possible.
  8. These toys go over those burners and call the other guys toys? LOL Damn, that's some crazy shit. Digging this thread.
  9. Sometimes when you post a comment or picture a picture somehow gets attached to that post without you knowing and it appears when your comment/picture is posted.
  10. Not BONKS' best, but he did his thing.
  11. LOL Very true. But if it ain't broke don't fix it. Nice flick.
  12. Don't forget this one...Big ups to kzergabegallery!
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