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  1. Exactly!!! And I bet it's a bunch of little toys that idolize MSK! Fanatics!!!!
  2. http://www.kzergabegallery.com/
  3. Some idiots already dissed that wall! I'll try to get or find a picture of the complete wall.
  4. Who said I was hating? I'm not privy to the European writers, so I asked a simple question. I dig both their styles, but I thought it was a little similar. AGERONE, thanks. It's true what you said. Props to both writers.
  5. Damn, most of the MSKs were in L.A. doing some bad ass shit in Downtown. I saw pieces/throwies/bombs from POSE, RIME, WANTO, KICK, FATE, REVOK, SECT, BUDS, HENSE, AUGOR, SKREW, and pretty much the whole crew. I knew I should've taken my camera!!!!!
  6. Besides IKSO and TWIST everything else is whack. TWIST's style is dope, though! Bump!!!!
  7. DEMS is amazing! But I have a question. AROE from MSK has a similar style. Who started this style?


    LOL TRILLIONAIRE posts some nice flicks and says he's tired of seeing ugly shit here and then he posts an ugly ass CAKE throwie! LOL Props to IKSO MUERTE and PASO. BIG5!!!


    Very good point!!! That is very true. Though, a lot of the guys I knew that repped TKO hard in the 90's left the crew not because of beef or ranking it when shit went down, but because of inner turmoil between the main head and his way of thinking. But to each their own. I'll always respect and admire the OGs and the ones repping TKO for the right reasons and doing it well. The ones with the trigger happy mentallity and b.s. we see on the WAR movies is what makes people think sour about the crew. But we're just writers with opinions. Peace to you, SAGA.
  10. KARL ONE


    I'm just posting the people who made this crew, not the ones tha make the crew look bad! For the exception of KOZE, SAGA, BAER, MUERTE, PASO, and a couple of others who still rep this crew well, nobody in this crew matters anymore. These guys I posted were what made the crew famous and well respected. Fuck the drama and all the rumors and b.s. This was when TKO was at its best. Love or hate it.
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