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Everything posted by KARL ONE

  1. LMAO! I was about to say that!!!!!
  2. Damn, that girl getting butt rammed by STORI's piece is fucking cute!!!! Lucky STORI!!!
  3. Well said!!! It's not like MSK got on the internet 20 years ago and saw that there was an MSK in NY already and decided to steal their letters! Shit happens. Dude said it straight! Forget about history, it's the one that's making history now that counts.
  4. That MSK looks like it was done by NORM and REYES started to add his flavor to it, but then got tired. It's not bad.
  5. Damn, RIME just keeps on progressing more and more!!!! Shit's ill with AUGOR!!!
  6. I don't know why these stupid pictures keep getting attached to my messages or posts! WTF!!!


    I think WAR3 is the best one.
  8. WTF?! How did that last flick get attached to my set?
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