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  1. He's been from MSK for a long ass time now. Didn't know he was pushing D30 now. R.I.P Detroit's TOM.
  2. Props to the homie HAELER. Dude is a beast. L.A. legend for sure. Free GRAY!!!
  3. That REAK, BESTO, & SNARL is up North, isn't it?
  4. Aren't these all the old pics I've posted before? Bump OMENS.
  5. STENZ OGK is over there right now? Dude is dope.
  6. Love REPHT's style. Bump ELMER, PAK, SWAG, and the rest of the DFWs in Detroit.
  7. Why does everyone always have to quote lame rappers? That RIME is nice!
  8. That MEME dude is a chick. Still messed up, though. Bump that DONT!
  9. Damn, that picture is dope! Lots of good old shit there! GK TRIBE MSK! Is that 101ER down there?
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