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Everything posted by KARL ONE

  1. Those ERGOT, AMO, TECK9, and BRZM burners are banging!!! Dope shit. Bump REFT, DONT, NAKED, VOMIT, DISH, FARS, and all those dope writers from Detroit doint their thing. Peace.
  2. Very nice picture by Heart Of Oak @ flickr.com
  3. Bump ENDER, ELMER, DEMS, GASM, and the whole Detroit graffiti seen!!! And a big FUCK YOU to SNUF from L.A.!!!! Get'em, guys!!! KARL DFW GOK INC...


    Who's getting all these new guys into TKO?!
  5. So DR. SEX is from AL now?
  6. Been seeing RIME and REYES hitting up AWR. Nice.
  7. Thanks. I couldn't find a better flick of that POSE. Plus that wall is horrible! Thanks for the better flick of that POSE.
  8. I'll see what I can do, HALOE. Good shit as always.
  9. There should be a PLEK thread. Started it up, HALOE. We'll all contribute.
  10. Where did PHAROE hit up MSK? I just see SOB next to his name and MSK next to AUGOR's.
  11. He didn't do that one, TROGG. That was done by KOER from ICR.
  12. Stupid cops! The one that got me was an ass! LOL Oh well, at least they let us go. Wonder what that one cop use to write! Fucking missions to get some good flicks. Now I know why kzergabe take weeks off!
  13. Thanks, HALOE. Nice freight catch! I agree, GLEN. ESER has awesome styles, even when they're simple, and his throwies are dope as fuck! Cool cat, too.
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