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  1. There, get over it. He missed a ruby.
  2. IMG]http://i34.tinypic.com/s29rp4.jpg[/img]
  3. Dude is definitely doing his thing! NIETS, EAGER, GIAR, ARGON, BESTO, ESTE, and a couple of others are definitely keeping L.A. interesting!
  4. Thanks, everyone. WORLDBENCH, nah,that's not the same spot. LIVIN' OFF LOOSE CHANGE is still rocking down Washington. Will post some more in a bit.
  5. From the kzergabegallery.com website. Check it out for more shit.
  6. OTIS' shit is simple, but I like it. CHELO is beyond good!!! And to think dude is only young! Just going to get better!
  7. Some shit I flicked this past week. Enjoy.
  8. Same crew from South Central, L.A., right?


    That's how I remember TRIBE being. A little dirty girl! When I met her I thought GRAY was kidding. Didn't know TRIBE was actually a girl. She was kinda cute, but down for her shit. Now she's all plastic and bleached blonde. Oh well. Keep doing your thing, LADY. Dope flick.
  10. I think that billboard was done by AUGOR and PHAROE together; hence the MSK SOB shit. Doubt AUGOR is from there.
  11. Cool! Hit me up if you come down. And thanks.
  12. Some things I flicked during the week. Enjoy.
  13. I have to give it up to the 159 crew. They're doing their thing. Some may might like their shit, but hey, they're doing more than most. Props. Nice flix, SMDoubleXL!
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